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Abyssus – Into The Abyss Award winner

Into The Abyss
by Mike Coyle at 10 January 2016, 3:34 PM

With an array of ep's and splits ABYSSUS finally bring their first full length to the masses, showing that their style of Death metal is something to pay attention to.

As an opening track the band have been able to add a mystique towards the track “Into the Abyss” by building up the song with a strong sound of winds which lead us deeper into the abyss of this songs opening. From what I can hear I have found that the band bring a very familiar sound with them almost like the mighty OBITUARY, it is scary to be honest at how much these guys sound just like the Florida legends which shows us that ABYSSUS are a band that are paying homage to the old school in the best way possible by taking a legendary tone and bringing it hard with their own mix of chaotic tones.

Slow and heavy are the best ways to describe this band from what I have listened to so far; ABYSSUS are able to keep the listener interested to heavy build ups which certainly do not disappoint at all. With “Echos of Desolation”, we see the band carry on with their idea of old meets new with punishing tones that belt out hard and ferocious with no end in sight.

I find that I'm really getting into this bands groove as I really haven't heard a band like this before, unless you discount OBITUARY, of course, but still my point still remains valid either way, as I really find that ABYSSUS have something going on here that could really mark this bands journey as one of the most relevant bands of our generation in terms of modern Death Metal.

“Those Unholy” is another track that gives us a perfect blend of the bands remarkable grooves and ideas brought together to create a truly heavy track that leaves the listener on edge for the coming storm. It is a brutal assault of the bands already incredible song writing mixed with a rampage of aggression that truly blasts the doors off at the hinges. I really feel that this track in general is a perfect example of what you would expect the band to be like live in terms of how they are able to constantly bring a storm of traditional Death metal down onto their fans.

Through this record we see elements of the old style, which is natural, to be very honest but at the same time we are able to see that ABYSSUS are a band that have been able to work from doing EP's and splits to creating one of the heaviest records of 2015. It brings together a vibe of Punk and Death metal which blends together perfectly in a way where you can lose all control and let loose every negative emotion that binds you. Whatever the future holds for the guys in ABYSSUS I can only hope that they bring this same attitude for the next release.

5 Star Rating

1. Into the Abyss
2. Across the Fields of Death
3. Echos of Desolation
4. Intent to Kill
5. Revenge
6. Those of the Unholy
7. Enthrone the Insane
8. Visions of Eternal Pain
9. R.I.P.
10. The Ritual
Kostas Analytis - Vocals
Panos Gkourmpaliotis - guitars
Castas Ragiadakos - Bass
Record Label: Memento Mori


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