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AC Angry – Appetite For Erection

AC Angry
Appetite For Erection
by Jess at 05 April 2017, 5:26 PM

AC ANGRY is a European Rock’n’Roll and Heavy Metal band. Under another alias TALETELLERS, they toured Europe with GRAVE DIGGER and ALESTORM as well as support numerous other acts to tour for two full length album releases. After the name change, AC ANGRY released their debut album “Black Denim” in 2013. The band is back with their latest release “Appetite For Erection” and it comes in with ten tracks and a listening time of about 38 minutes.

Track one, “I Hate AC Angry”, starts of fast and makes me think of a more Grunge meets Rock’n’Roll versus just a Heavy Rock. The music is good, but it doesn’t really have anything original to offer. You can sense the work put in. The vocals are good for a Radio Rock band. However, these lyrics aren’t radio ready. The musicianship is here, the bass and guitars work well together and the drums move through rhythm changes well.

The title track and track five is super bass-y. I really love how the much of a role the bass has in this track. It helps create a depth that is appreciated. The guitars are good and paired with the drums help create a balanced track.

The final track, “Testosterone”, is fast and hard; literally and linguistically.  The drums help keep this track fast and furious. There is some really good guitar and bass work. The bass helps keep the tone down, while still furiously completing the track.

AC ANGRY’s “Appetite For Erection” is exactly how it sounds. The lyrics are lewd and erotic. While I can appreciate the musical talent and the vocal ability behind this album, I cannot get past the lyrics. For some people this will be a funny album that does actually have some skill behind it, for me it was a distraction and I lost my appetite.

Songwriting: 1
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. I Hate AC Angry
2. 4TW
3. No Way To Go But Down
4. I Wanna Hurt Somebody
5. Appetite For Erection
6. Son Of A Motherfucker’s Son
7. The Balls Are Back In Town
8. Take You Shake You Break You
9. Cry Idiot, Cry
10. Testosterone 
Alan Costa - Vocals and Guitar
Stefan Kuhn - Lead Guitar
Dennis Kirsch - Bass
Norman Steisslinger - Drums
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer


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