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AC/DC-Power Up Award winner

Power Up
by Jordan Rogers at 26 January 2021, 11:32 PM

Back with an unexpected album, you are about to hear the thrilling and classical sounds of AC/DC. This 2020 album may have come at just the right time for those of us who may need nostalgic sounds but the oldies aren’t quite cutting it anymore. POWER UP will have you feeling the oldies, but you will know that you are listening to music from this era. This album is jam packed with rocking new content, so without further ado, let us dive in.

To start things off we are led into the album with “Realize” which will immediately flood your speakers with those wonderful rock’n’roll sounds that were ever so popular in a different, dare I say simpler time. The powerful voice, the vocals in the background, the guitar, all of this coming together to make this new album on par with their older ones. Continuing on to the next song we get to “Rejection” which is just as good as the first, rolling out just as much of that AC/DC power as ever. On the underside of this song is a powerful message that you can tell the artists poured a lot of time and effort into developing.

“Through The Mists Of Time” is another song on this track that I liked. It has a little slower tempo than the first two we talked about, but that definitely doesn’t hold anything back from the way this song rocks. The ever so prominent message within the lyrics, the squeals of the guitar, pounding on the drums, a riveting guitar solo, and this song is sure to have you feeling some sort of way by the time you are done listening to it. Which isn’t that the point of music, to make you feel? Because if so this album in a whole does a pretty good job at that.

Speaking of songs that make you feel, the next one from the album is surely aimed to do just that. “Kick You When You’re Down” seems to be a song about getting thrown through it by people while you're already going through it. Do you feel like you can never get a grip on your life and like everything is always falling down around you? Well if you answered yes to this question you may have found a new song to listen to when you need a moment in that solitude of self pity that you sometimes find yourself in, or better yet, you may have found a song to help heal some of those instances of self pity. Either way you should most surely go a give this song, if not the whole album a good listen!

All in all, this was a great album that I never thought I would see come across albums in need of being reviewed! All the amazing sounds and feels of a classical AC/DC album all packaged in a new wrapper in order to bring you musical material that seems as if it is from a different time!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 10


4 Star Rating

1. Realize
2. Rejection
3. Shot in the Dark
4. Through The Mists Of Time
5. Kick You When You’re Down
6. Witch’s Spell
7. Demon Fire
8. Wild Reputation
9. No Man’s Land
10. System’s Down
11. Money Shot
12. Code Red
Angus Young - Lead Guitar
Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
Cliff Williams - Bass Guitar
Phil Rudd - Drums
Stevie Young - Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: Columbia Records


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Edited 28 September 2021

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