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Acacia Avenue - Early Warning

Acacia Avenue
Early Warning
by VR at 16 February 2017, 9:34 PM

Copenhagen, Denmark based Rock band ACACIA AVENUE is made up of musicians that are a part of various other bands and the idea for the band was the brainchild of Torben Enevoldsen. The band actually came together in the year 2009 and the band members treat the band as a project since the musicians live in different countries. The band has been influenced by Rock bands like BOSTON, TOTO, DEEP PURPLE and THIN LIZZY. This is the bands third full-length studio release after "Acacia Avenue" released in 2010, and "Cold" released in the year 2014. "Early Warning" features the talents of several vocalists and musicians, and Torben Enevoldsen is the driving force behind such collaborations and indeed the brain of the band. The band name is British shorthand for an average unexceptional middle-class suburban street

"Real Love" is the first track of the album and it kick starts the album in a up-tempo beat and is a rocker of a track. The song is a straightforward rock song with a superlative lead guitar solo that turns up around the 3-minute mark and compliments the track beautifully. "Early Warning", the title track, has a killer opening riff and has Steve Newman as the guest vocalist. The song boasts of a powerful vocal performance and the riff guides the song along in a brisk manner. The lead guitar bit in the song is exemplary and the band runs through the song without any mishaps. " TNT" is a groovier song and starts out with a heavy riff. The song is a nod to the 80's sound and is more of a melodic hard rock sound the use of backing vocals is something that songs from the 80's were famous for and not to mention soaring guitar leads that showcased the sound from that era of big sounds of arena rock songs. The band manages to squeeze in a cover of NWOBHM giants DEEP PURPLE namely "Space Trucking" in its midst and they do more than a decent job of covering this famous track. "Time To Listen " starts off with a rocking riff and a lofty guitar solo before it slows down when the verse starts. The chorus of the songs takes it to another level and the vocals are powerful all the while accompanied by a groovy riff. "Man In The Mirror", the last track of the album starts off with a simple melody played by twin acoustic guitars. The track almost reminds one of the Power Ballad phenomenon that most bands in the 80's put out regularly. Impressive vocals backed by clever guitar work and backing vocals make this song enjoyable.

ACACIA AVENUE have put out a great Rock album using the considerable talents of various singers such as Rob Moratti from FINAL FRONTIER, Steve Newman from NEWMAN, Andy Engberg from SORCERER, Mats Leven from CANDLEMASS, Torben Lysholm from PANGEA and Albin Ljungqvist who have all collaborated lead vocals on various tracks. The result is an extremely intriguing and impressive Rock album that is fast and filled with interesting hooks and melodies. Sure, there are bits and pieces in between that fails to keep to the high standards that the bands sets, but overall, this is a killer of a Hard Rock album. Delectable production coupled with tight riffs and lofty lead guitar solos make a perfect foil for powerful lead vocals. Must have for Rock fans.

Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Real Love
2. Running Out Of Time
3. Broken Dreams
4. Early Warning
5. Survive
6. A New Beginning
7. TNT
8. Space Trucking
9. Time To Listen
10. All For Love
11. Need To Let go
12. Man In The Mirror
Thomas Heintzelmann - Drums
Torben Lysholm - Vocals
Geir Ronning - Vocals
Torben Enevoldsen - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Tony Mills - Vocals
Carsten Neumann - Bass
Record Label: Perris Records


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