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Acaro - The Disease of Fear

The Disease of Fear
by Dorothy Cheng at 31 December 2012, 1:48 PM

“They are ACARO and they are Metal,” said the promo of the album. There really isn’t a better way to put it - that one line honestly and simply sums up my entire review. Despite having handy one-liners like these lying around, there remains a need for an explanation of the reasons as to why ACARO is metal. With their new self-released album “The Disease of Fear”, Metalcore geniuses ACARO manage to showcase their intense passion for Metal music and their ability to infuse every track with the energy that they are so famed for. The entire album is a hammering of the senses, an ear-splitting bout of blast beats and riffing performed at the highest levels of the band’s energy, synchronizing speed with musicality. Most of the songs do have a similar feel, giving the album a focused approach and easy-to-listen vibe. However, the band manages to permeate each track with enough dynamics and musical diversity that they do not become either indistinguishable or repetitive. In addition, the album’s total run time is only little over half an hour.

The title track opens with a blast of noise and thunderous aggression, putting brutality into a whole new light. There are definitely some audible hardcore influences, and the fast-tempo song reminds me strangely of IRON MAIDEN’s “Run to the Hills”, of all things. From the vocal’s side, there is a gratifying fusion of roaring, screeching, growling, and screaming from the throughout the album which really showcases vocalist Chris Harrell’s ability and range, which work perfectly into the viciousness and harmony of the songs. Listening to the album, one cannot help but imagine Harrell in his own world, prancing around the rehearsal room, putting the “Metal” in Metalcore. Fortunately, this album does not go the way most mainstream Metalcore bands do in the sense that even though there is a definite abundance of low-register down picking in the rhythm guitars, there is no shortage of brain-exploding riffs and virtuosity. All five members are clearly masters of their instruments, with Kevin Smith on bass and Jason Fitzgerald on drums providing a solid wall of pounding rhythm. The solos are all thankfully not long-winded but instead straightforward and effective, and to satisfy the guitar nerds residing within us, contain some mean bits of tremolo picking.

The album closes with “Forever is Temporary”, which like the rest of the album, is a whirlwind of sounds and energy. However, ACARO provides fans with a delightful surprise in the outro, with a sweet and simple piano tune highlighting the band’s versatility and musicality. ACARO’s music is not for the weak-hearted. Track after track attacks the senses and doesn’t provide room to rest or breathe. Even the slower, crunching riffs inspire a violent bout of windmill headbanging. The furious aggression and speed contained in each track, no, each bar is a testimony to the band’s commitment, talent, and passion. The production is also great as ACARO captures the essence of their style, with the drums being the most effective individual track, sound-wise.

The band promo goes on to define ACARO: “Nothing comes without hard work and no one will work harder. ACARO is not just a band; it is a way of life for all involved and all it touches. They are ACARO and they believe. Soon, so will you.” And I do believe.

4 Star Rating

1. The Disease of Fear
2. This Treachery
3. Salvation’s End
4. Throne of Blood
5. Becoming the Process
6. R.O.J.
7. Morituri
8. Forever is Temporary
Chris Harrell- Vocals
Felipe Roa- Guitars
Chris Robinson– Guitars
Jason Fitzgerald – Drums
Kevin Smith– Bass
Record Label: Goomba Music


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