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Acausal Intrusion – Sleeping Invocation

Acausal Intrusion
Sleeping Invocation
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 06 October 2022, 3:44 PM

From Bandcamp, returning from the underground success of their first work, ACAUSAL INTRUSION are back with "Seeping Evocation," a new and disturbing album that rests on the solid foundations of their debut. That is, a dark and sinister Death Metal, which often fades into Doom and Black Metal, and in which the lyrics sound like the desperate ravings and invocations of a mad prophet addressed to distant evil stars and galaxies of death.” The album contains nine songs.

“Putrefaction” is as short intro leading to “Formless Conjoining Chaos.” It’s a ten-minute beast, unlike the shorter songs we often get in the Death Metal genre. It’s an add sound, with some experimental elements amidst the extremely guttural vocals. It’s so chaotic at times that it makes me wonder how the drummer keeps proper time. The music is dissonant for the most part, and all over the place. It definitely has that feeling of the desperate ravings of a lunatic. “Mnemonic Confabulation” is another strange song that has a disconnect with the vocals and the music, but it’s clear that the band designed the music to do just that. Like Death Metal, the music is void of melody, but it doesn’t follow a patterned script in terms of structure. It’s very loose in that sense, but the band knows what they are doing, and it takes a high intellect to compose songs like this in my opinion.

“Transformational Death Phenomenon” is just a little shorter but still quite tumultuous. You can feel the “fading to Doom Metal” that they talk about in the opener…this song is so black that no light could peek its way through in a thousand years. The drummer sound disconnected at times as well. Towards the end, it drops to ambient tones and the chaos ceases. “Nythra Kthunae Atazoth” is a three-minute offering of atmospheric tones from the acoustic guitars playing a steady rhythm of dissonant tones. “Ostensible Implanted Inheritance” purports a bit of structure out of the gates, but what follows is utter madness…the ramblings of madman who was once a genius but his addled mind is clearly clouding his once firm judgement. He keeps the room dark, and rarely ventures out, scribbling digressive script onto notebook after notebook. Just when you think some structure might be around the corner, it dissipates as quickly as the wind changing direction.  The ravings come to a head towards the end, when you don’t know what end is up.

“Consultation of Nothingness” sounds like another plate of noise that was scored into ash by a massive, black dragon. Snubbing his nose up at the offering of goat once again, he angrily lashes out. The vocal grumblings are sacrilegious, blasphemous, and he can kill with the slightest vocal inflection. “Clairvoyant Quantums” is utter lawlessness. There are no rules, no etiquette and it’s akin to The Lord of the Flies. You all know how that story ends. Still, there are just a few ambient moments where you forget about the constant pain that plagues your every waking second. The enigmatic “Exaltation” closes the album, with just some eerie sounds and feedback. The mad professor has long since died, and you are left with trying to bring a purpose to his final days. It’s like trying to make sense of the great abyss.

Overall, this album is as strange and abstract as some of the song titles. Forget what you know about conventional music. It follows no discernable pattern or structure on the first listen. But the more you listen, the more cues it makes available to you. You have to dig, and dig deep, but they are there at times. Still, perhaps my biggest concern with the album is finding an audience to recommend it to. I would probably only show this to my weirdest metal friends, who, like me, are always on the hunt for something different. I found it to be very unique, and appreciate their artistry. These guys are the pioneers of the “mad genius” genre of Death Metal.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Putrefaction
2. Formless Conjoining Chaos
3. Mnemonic Confabulation
4. Transformational Death Phenomenon
5. Nythra Kthunae Atazoth
6. Ostensible Implanted Inheritance
7. Consultation of Nothingness
8. Clairvoyant Quantums
9. Exaltation
Nythroth – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Cave Ritual – Drums, Vocals
Record Label: I,Voidhanger Records


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