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Accept – Stalingrad Award winner

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein / Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon / Rebecca Miller / YngwieViking at 05 April 2012, 7:24 PM


Well it didn’t take them long enough did it. As if they were young again, ACCEPT has already gone through, in and out, of their early comeback release of “Blood Of The Nations”, an album that also introduced their hot new American screaming chip of Mark Tornillo, and less the two years afterwards they are out again with a new release. There has been a sort of impression regarding comeback bands as for their career continuance, yet in the case of the fervent ACCEPT, it seems to have been working pretty fine to me. “Blood Of The Nations” blasted nearly everything in its past in the current Heavy Metal scene and I think that the new emerging “Stalingrad”, once again by Nuclear Blast Records that I suppose will probably chain ACCEPT to their wall, is more or less in the same level of magnificence. As always in their past life, ACCEPT hasn’t been taking prisoners and surly they won’t be doing that in the future.

I believe that in comparison to “Blood Of The Nations”, the new “Stalingrad” shebang is rather barefaced than the previous, a lot more speedy in its rhythms that felt the attacking war rage that ACCEPT implemented within the material. That factor of straightforwardness presented fewer anthems like songs than before. In a way, “Stalingrad” made me feel as if I was tuning to a modern version of a wild mixture between “Metal Heart” and “Russian Roulette”. The music has some great energies, its heavy, Tornillo’s voice sounds so natural as if he has been screaming his way to the top alongside the older members of the band,  solos sound classic as in the old days and I could actually pin down the ones made by Wolf Hoffman. The amazing song “Stalingrad”, which sounded like a reminiscent of the anthem “Metal Heart”, made a fine tribute to the historical Battle Of Stalingrad back in WWII. Near its end ACCEPT boomed with part of the Soviet / Russian National anthem that I am sure will entice every Russian blood. “Shadow Soldiers” and “Against The World”are the great Metal anthems that only ACCEPT know how to forge and create. I felt such pride at being a Metalhead by me listening to these masterpieces; it was as if I was struck by a power surge. “Hellfire” and “Hung, Drawn and Quartered” are some of the finest of the smacking clear-cut tunes that ACCEPT rallied up for this album. If you want to bang your head hard until it rolls off, you got yourself the landing ground.

As for the modern version thing I mentioned there is Andy Sneap, one of the top producers nowadays that has been working with ACCEPT since the beginning of “Blood Of The Nations”. His production work here moved “Stalingrad” and the band closer to the older sound pattern, a pattern that has been influencing so many bands for many years. Though I had my misconceptions regarding his work on the previous album, I believe that in “Stalingrad” his work might hasn’t been too clean and sharp edged as before, yet as a strong fan of the old ACCEPT productions, I was impressed by it.

Beyond the story of valor that surrounded the historical event mentioned, the “Stalingrad” reminded me how tough true German Metal really is. I think that ACCEPT has been keeping their line of music steady, especially with these two albums, I have no doubt that it will remain that way for the next one.


This review is about a legend, a legend which has been a mile stone in the Heavy Metal genre. From 1968 till today they have kept on rolling and developing their own unique style which has been familiar with them. This band is called ACCEPT and they did the unbelievable when they refused to stop rising above themselves when everybody didn't know what to expect from albums without their former singer Udo. The last time when the band released an album without him it was back then in 1989 with David Reece from the Glam Metal band BANGALORE CHOIR. His insertion provided ACCEPT the Glamish sound on the "Eat the Heat" album, a thing that eventually didn't work so well for the band. When Udo rejoined the band, back in the beginning of the 90's, it felt as if the band lost its magic and it wasn't the same glory band of the 80's that had that the militarized style. The band needed a fresh blood front to rise above the ashes, the answer came by the name Mark Tornillo from the US Heavy Metal band TT QUICK. It was a puzzle of how would ACCEPT sound with their newly American member.

Their previous album "Blood of the Nations" received warm reviews all over the world and reached a major success that put them back on track. Now after their great comeback they release a new album called "Stalingrad". They didn't lose their touch at all, and from the first listening they just keep on getting better every time. With a bombastic opening that fit only to ACCEPT, the album was opened with a great track called "Hung Drawn and Quartered", pretty much in the vein of the "Metal Heart" overture. Tornillo doing a great job and doesn't fall from Mr.Dirkschnieder with his rough voice."Stalingrad" is a tribute to the old Soviet Union and its fallen combatants in WWII. With a powerful opening with a massive attack of Heavy Metal, it shows how tight ACCEPT are. Their melodic pre-chorus will present you another dimension of the band along with their sing along parts that is familiar as their musical signature. "Flash to Bang Time" is a piece of fast Heavy Metal that built very well and exhibit a shred level guitar by Wolf Hoffmann &Herman Frank, they both know how to molest the listener from each side, and playing fast as a shark. The song reminded me a little bit of a blink to GRAVE DIGGER’s material by its speedy rhythm.

"Shadow Soldiers" is one of the best tracks here. It started with an acoustic opening that went on being heavier and stronger. The drum work on this track is extraordinary, same thing with their song "The Galley" that exhibit a change from the typical simple drum play of the band thanks to the exciting playing of Mr. Schwartzman. I was very impressed from Tornillo’s singing on the song "Revolution", a song that reflects his real vocal abilities; he definitely gave all his soul to it. The singing is very high and you can feel the energy passing to your veins. "The Quick and the Dead" is another bombing song, an angry guitar riff that will keep your head rolling from the start to the end. The lead solo guitar on the track is amazing, presenting uncompromised playing aside to the drum and bass fast fretting.

The music on this album based on powerful songs in the spirit of ACCEPT, most of the songs are very aggressive and continue what the band started at the 80s but in the same time I found less sing along anthems like on “Metal Heart” album and that what was missing to me here. Each song here is a killer one and I didn't find any weak one around. However in overall, I don't think that the album is close to the cult album of “Balls to the Wall”.

REBECCA (9/10)

13 might be an unlucky number for some, but that certainly isn’t the case for German Metal legends ACCEPT. For this is “Stalingrad”, their thirteenth studio album, and it blew me away, pure and simple. The band are at the absolute top of their game here, showing everyone just why they’ve been around for so long.

ACCEPTwere a very important part of the German Metal scene which emerged in the eighties, and whilst they’ve had a few lineup changes since then, they’ve enjoyed a lot of success, and rightfully so. And so to their latest offering. From the second it started, I knew I’d love it. With heavy riffs, and catchy choruses, ACCEPT know how to get your attention, Rock your face off, and leave you wanting more. Every second of this album is high quality, as you’d expect, but you can really hear everything that the band has put into this. They’re a band that doesn’t like to sit back on their laurels – they work hard and aim high, and produce awesome albums. Every track is amazing, but if I was forced to choose a favourite, it’d be the penultimate track, “The Quick And The Dead”. It’s got the catchiest chorus on the album (which was a hard award to give), and a brilliant riff.

Each member of the band is on absolute top form here and they sound great. Tornillo’s vocals are as good as they’ve ever been, still with an awesome range, and really carrying each song. The combined guitar/bass work of Hoffman, Frank and Baltes is excellently heavy, producing catchy riffs that had me headbanging throughout. And that’s not to forget Schwarzmann’s superb drumming, adding to the rhythmic and heaviness of “Stalingrad”, something which ACCEPT balance very well. Every track on “Stalingrad” is excellent, and they mix things up a little bit with the excellent “Shadow Soldiers” that starts off acoustic, but gets heavier, whilst being probably the slowest track on the album.

There’s not really much more praise that I can give to this album – I was highly, highly impressed by this, and it definitely deserves repeated listenings. “Stalingrad” is a worthy chapter in ACCEPT’S history. So I’ve got one thing to say to everyone reading this – check out this album, you will not be disappointed.

With such a title we already know that they will not be here to praise, the broken love affair and the flowers… Stalingrad Battle: The Achsenmächte or Axis Powers defeated after taking the town under-siege/the bloodiest urban assault in the history of warfare…

"Hung Drawn and Quartered" is the first warning: A threat and an ultimatum at the same time, but also a profession of faith and a call to arms !!! No politically correct line here, the weakness and the soft consensus, was never in the vocabulary of this terrific German Metal Commando, and their music is in the same intractable line!

The martial lyrical theme, spread all over this record and expended in the Same vein as "Blood Of The Nation" was "Hellfire" / "Against The World" and the gloomy, dark & epic "The Galley" but also "Shadow Soldiers" or title track "Stalingrad" are future classics -file under: Hymns of Praise for the glory of True Metal-The Teutonic Squadron is back! Again ACCEPT assembles, Compact / Massive / Consistent / Solid concrete and mercyless Heavy Metal with with an imposing & undeniable superiority factor, like the natural sequel of a wilder "Restless & Wild" or "BallsTo The Wall" with more balls…

As the efficiency of the gang was more than proved, they do not try to change anything. Not a single artillery component was negliged or weakened… Hostile drums / Sharp guitars / Anthemics belligerent choir / screeeeaming vocals and a slight east-balcanic taste for sad melodies, the whole armored in the thick, perfect tone & infallible sonic shelling, provided by allied Andy Sneap, heeled with awarded amazing skills already medalled and acclaimed in 2010…

Tornillo / HoffmannBaltes / Schwarzmann & Frank are not ready to capitulate or to sign cowardly peace treaty, they are stronger than ever and i trust 'em in the future: ACCEPT will continue to keep their honest engagement and their sincere commitment for Heavy Metal like freedom fighters,who fought for our civilization… Beat the bastards down.

4 Star Rating

1.Hung, Drawn and Quartered
4.Flash to Bang Time
5.Shadow Soldiers
7.Against the World
8.Twist of Fate
9.The Quick and the Dead
10.The Galley
Wolf Hoffman- Guitar
Peter Baltes- Bass
Mark Tornillo- Vocals
Herman Frank- Guitar
Stefan Schwarzmann- Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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