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Accept - The Rise of Chaos Award winner

The Rise of Chaos
by Craig "Thrasing" Rider at 31 July 2017, 12:50 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: ACCEPT; signed via Nuclear Blast Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Heavy Metal, on their 15th album entitled “The Rise Of Chaos” (released August 4th, 2017). Since formation in 1976; the quintet in question have 14 albums behind them, their newest deliverance “The Rise Of Chaos” is my next endeavour. As a huge fan of the quartet from “Blood Of The Nations”, “Stalingrad” & “Blind Rage” era; I was immediately stoked to find ACCEPT's newest production in my inbox. We are all fans of the “Balls To The Wall” / “Metal Heart” with the ballsy Udo Dirkschneider on vocals; since his departure after the 1996 album “Predator”, and the hiatus that considered the band finished until 2005 with no immediate announcements in between - the band finally reformed with new vocalist Mark Tornillo in 2009; unleashing “Blood Of The Nations” (the first original record in 14 years) not long after, and boy does he do a grand job! Fast forward to 2017; the band are still going strong. …though there are some setbacks that require one to listen to this record more than once.

10 hard-hitting tracks; ranging at around 46:18, ACCEPT incorporate a solid slab of intricately designed Heavy Metal - opening with the epic “Die By The Sword” (not to be confused with the SLAYER track), this song opens in a slightly similar way to that of the epic “Metal Heart” introduction - until the manic instrumentation kicks in, Mark Tornillo on vocals sounds just as good as ever - his trademark vocal range still stems from grunty, high-pitched complexions.

On my first listen; I stumbled across a bit of blandness in the song writing process with the next track “Hole In The Head”, however. The lyricism as well as the instrumentals came across as generic and simplistic, still quite enjoyable, however - as the galloping riffs kept me highly entertained. The complex Wolf Hoffmann showcases dexterity of proficient adroitness that any Heavy Metal fan would admire; the man is a genius, especially in the titular track…which is easily my favourite on the record; from the epic pummelling from powerhouse drummer Christopher Williams and the distinctively established Peter Baltes on the bass, contribute a savagely constructed slice of towering old-school muscle. “Koolaid” is an outburst of eccentric elegance  that has more sing-a-long attributes that while again, takes some getting used to - although the musicianship is delightfully exquisite, full of stimulating solos and original bliss.

No Regrets” has a brutish tone of exhilarating - traditional Heavy Metal, as axe-man Uwe Lulis flourishes with efficient compositions of unique dominance. Rhythmic distinctions shroud this one with an organic aesthetic of supremacy, there is a lot of memorable and original substances here that contrasts with enlightening elements. “Analog Man” is the other catchy, yet monotonous deliverance - a good fun singsong however with fulfilling expertise.

What's Done Is Done” is a typical ACCEPT track, though it's alignment is easily passable - the salubrious effects are well received as the everlasting catchiness still remains unforgettable. All members grace with adapt prowess that diligently grows on me in which having repeated listens, makes “The Rise Of Chaos” a truly flamboyant record. “Worlds Colliding” defines dynamic precision as the contrast examines more magnificent traits including chugging riffs and fluid equalities, another marvellous highlight. “Carry The Weight” doesn't distribute what the previous track entailed, it's no “Teutonic Terror” or “Pandemic” - which had my initial thoughts as disappointing - first round. Concluding with “Race To Extinction” which has slight upholding of the first few tracks, yet it still isn't “Stalingrad” or “Stampede” - for instance.

Overall - a succulent record that takes some getting used to, the ACCEPT trademark is well noticed…just compared to the last few records, there are a few misleading weaknesses that makes the band so satisfying. However, if you are a newbie or veteran fan alike – and are looking for a blisteringly sharp execution of rip-roaring true Heavy Metal, these Germans shall certainly entertain you with some unique characteristics balanced with concrete chaotic destruction.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Die By The Sword
2. Hole In The Head
3. The Rise Of Chaos
4. Koolaid
5. No Regrets
6. Analog Man
7. What's Done Is Done
8. Worlds Colliding
9. Carry The Weight
10. Race To Extinction
Mark Tornillo - Vocals
Wolf Hoffmann - Guitars
Uwe Lulis - Guitars
Peter Baltes - Bass
Christopher Williams - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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