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Acephalix – Theothanatology

by Bruno Diniz at 18 October 2022, 5:37 AM

Almost 15 years after its creation, the Californian band ACEPHALIX arrives on their fourth full-length album entitled "Theothanatology" released by 20buckspin, after a long four-year break the new release is finally out. Guitars and Bass on the album performed by Adam Camara, with additional solos on "Abyssal" and "Pristine Scum" by Adam Walker, also the new work have songwriting contributions by "Colin Tarvin" of MORTUOUS, interesting to note that time seems to have done well the band, that bring a Death metal with enough influence from the 90's Swedish bands in a brutal and direct way, bringing the death of God and its consequences as the theme.

The opener “Theothanatology”, begins exactly announcing the death of God, as if it were presented in a TV show making room for overwhelming riffs and the guttural cavernous voice of Daniel Buttler, which is very well here, just as we will find along the entire way of the work, this song refers to a musicality with melodic tones, although it has very short guitar solos and has enough pure Death weight. "GodHeads" and "Abyssal" share the same path with the raw Death Metal, while the first takes place practically in a single beat, the second one features a more refined work, especially with the work of guitars, also counting with the addition of very small stretches of clean voice. “Innards of Divinity” begins with a very gloomy and dark environment, almost like a mourning that turns into quick beats, and then brings again the melodic tone mentioned earlier making it one of my favorites here.

“Pristine Scum” follows on with the rage spirit as same as “Defecated Spirit”. The real Dark Death Knight here is saved for the end “Atheonomist” closes the album in a remarkable way, cadenced, immersive, the Black Metal voices merging and combining with Black are really a hotspot here, we have also great tempo changes and again the  narrative like the tv show is present to end up the thoughts about this great work. Although I believe that no one will be surprised by the work considering that death metal makes little room for new experiences, “Theothanatology” shows us some very interesting aspects being recommended for Death Metal lovers

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  6
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. Theothanatologist
2. Godheads
3. Abyssal
4. Portmortem Punishment
5. Innards of Divinity
6. Pristine Scum
7. Defecated Spirit
8. Atheonomist
Daniel Butler - Vocals
David Benson - Drums
Adam Camara - Guitar
Erika Osterhout - Bass
Adam Walker - Guitar
Record Label: 20 Buck Spin


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