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Achernar Dream - Hypocrisera

Achernar Dream
by Shane "wickedlyx" Norris at 21 February 2013, 12:33 PM

Do you ever sit down to listen to a new album expecting the best and getting the worst? That’s what we’ve got with ACHERNAR DREAM, a very boring style of Avant-Garde / Ambient Metal.

There isn’t much info on ACHERNAR DREAM; what I could find on their Facebook page and website was lacking at best.

"Hypocrisera" is the band’s debut EP release, (I think) consisting of seven songs. Seven songs I can’t get into at all. I think I’m old school when it comes to Metal. I want it in your face, loud, aggressive and full of power! This isn’t that type of music. Every song on the album is pretty much the same, a mixture of intertwining melodies and atmospheric/ambient sounds including the 20 minute finale. I’d like to give more detail on every song, but there just isn’t anything different going on here.

There is nothing I like about this album, vocals are few and far between, production is lacking and the overall feel of the album is stale and lifeless. It makes me want to stop listening. I don’t want to be too negative because this isn’t my type of music. Any band that puts their heart and soul into something deserves respect, and that’s what they’ll get from me.

2 Star Rating

1. Infinity
2. Faithless Soul
3. F.e.e.l.
4. Unknown Lands
5. I Breathed
6. Someone to Be
7. Mechanima
Record Label: Independent


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