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Acid Death - Eidolon

Acid Death
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 18 June 2012, 8:54 PM

Though being one of the oldest Progressive Death / Thrash Metal bands in Greece, I don’t think that ACID DEATH have truly reached their utmost potential as blessed musicians full of talent. They have come a long way with their music as they blasted in the beginning like all the Thrash Metal outfits, yet with progressive intentions, only to divert into Death Metal music, still afflicted by Thrash. After nearly twelve years of absence, along with a promotional track a year ago, ACID DEATH returns to blitz the world with their craftsmanship with the likes of their new album “Eidolon”, released via Noisehead Records. It was like starting where they left off back in their previous album, “Random’s Manifest” from 2000, at least as far as the music goes. Frankly, I haven’t heard too much of the band’s earlier discography to fully appreciate the material’s worth, however, with the constant sessions I had with “Eidolon” I could wholly value both the material and the band’s worth.

First of all ACID DEATH, for those who weren’t quite much alive back in their earlier days or were too young in their late 90s period, is a sort of a cool mix of DEATH, early CYNIC and ATHEIST (yet without the Jazzy stuff) along with several American and European Thrash elements. So there you have the picture of progression. “Eidolon” clearly shows that what we have here is a veteran foursome crew that has been turning to all ends, whether to the extreme or to the classical areas (though not as extensive as the extreme ones). From what I could conjure out of this entire album, there is a sort of bleak and even negative sense towards life, lots of pessimism to go around. I might also say that it looks like as if failure has been looming over one’s head. Therefore, the material and production fit well with what seemed to me like the band’s intentions right from the very beginning. The production sounds like something out of the early 90s PANTERA fabrications with sharp edged guitars, clear bass, vocals more or less at the front end and blasting skins. ACID DEATH clearly put a lot of attention to the production work.

Material wise, in overall I was pleased with the songs, even though I think that with such an inspiring sound at their side, ACID DEATH could have gotten way above of what was done here. “Convict 655321” reminded me a bit of late 90s DEATH along with SADUS on the side. I really liked the main riff, and most of the riffing in general, as those really fit well with the vocal type. The harmonic nature took the majority of my attention along with some of the punching passages. “No Sky Above” was more Thrashy than the latter track, a great crossing between old school Thrash and Progressive Death Metal. There is a lot of anger on this baby as if ACID DEATH were blaming someone for not doing something that should been done earlier one. Maybe it is about their country’s economic future in some matter, only they know the answer. “Sole Truth” is an amazing instrumental, not too complex or overly progressed; it has amazing harmonies and ends the album with a big respect.

“Eidolon” is a good presentation of skill after more than a decade of absence. ACID DEATH sound mature and developed. I hope to hear more from them in the coming future and not in the next decade. I think that they can do a lot better and make a super album. 

3 Star Rating

1. Blind Reflection
2. Crossing the Line
3. Towards Hate
4. Convict 655321
5. Inside My Walls
6. No Sky Above
7. Eidolon
8. Odious Maggots
9. Dying Alone
10. Sole Truth 
Savvas Betinis- Bass /Lead Vocals
Dennis Kostopoulos- Lead & Rhythm Guitars
GusK- Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Kostas Alexakis- Drums & Percussion
Record Label: Noisehead Records


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