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Acid Witch - Midnight Movies

Acid Witch
Midnight Movies
by Danny Sanderson at 10 April 2015, 12:37 AM

Covers albums are perhaps the closest thing to a silver bullet that your average Metal band has. Think about SLAYER's "Undisputed Attitude"; it is often overlooked and maligned by fans, and received mixed to tepid reviews from critics upon its initial release, despite being a solid album full of great Punk Covers, although it has gained more recognition with the benefit of hindsight. So many would be forgiven for believing that this new ACID WITCH EP will be doomed to the same fate. However, you'd be wrong. This is more than just "another covers album", in that it pays homage to the sort of cult, B movies that helped shape and inform the tastes and adolescence of many young kids, including my own. So, *adopts warbling, faux-creepy voice* take me by the hand, and I will lead you into the "Midnight Movies".

SORCERY's "I'm Back", which opens this EP up, has a lot of sound bites to really build up the actual music on offer, and when it does begin, it's very good. It's played with a Rock 'n' Roll swagger and vocally delivered with a harsh and furious snarl. It really is a great way to ease the audience into the rest of the EP. The parts which link the four tracks work really well, and it's very reminiscent of cult classic portmanteau flicks like the Creepshow series, with each individual part having its own introduction. "After Midnight", a song originally made (in)famous by British Rockers FASTWAY, is another very good track that stays very true to the original whilst allowing the band to throw in their own flourishes and sound. The back-masked message that closes this song is more than a little bit creepy, and leads almost seamlessly into the following song, BLACK ROSES' tune "Soldiers of the Night", which is where the band's psychedelic influences begin to shine through a bit more. The keyboard sections that pepper this Heavy Metal anthem work very well, and it's a shame that they aren't used more prominently until this point in the EP. The final song, "Party Time", which was originally done by Us Gothic Punks 45 GRAVE, ends up being the heaviest track on this EP. The band make it their own, and lather it with ghoulish cackles and horror sound bites that help to wrap this song, and the whole release, up very nicely.

Like I said when I started this review, some bands have a tendency to go south a bit when they opt to do a covers album, but this band have managed to not only pull off this one very well, and with a style and image that is unique to this kind of release, but in some cases they've actually even managed to open these classics up to a whole new sound and audience. If you love Old School Rock, Metal and cheesy horrors, then give this a spin and prepare to be immersed in all levels of nostalgia.

4 Star Rating

1. I'm Back
2. After Midnight
3. Soldiers of the Night
4. Partytime
Mike Tuff - Guitars
Shagrat - Vocals, Bass
Slasher Dave - Vocals, Keyboards
Record Label: Hell's Headbangers Records


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Edited 02 February 2023

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