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Acid Witch - Rot Among Us

Acid Witch
Rot Among Us
by Jessica Smith at 14 October 2022, 6:05 AM

Arriving just in time for Halloween- ACID WITCH released their latest album “Rot Among Us” on October 1st and it’s exactly what you want for the haunting season. So if you are ready for some spooky tales met with riffy guitars, thunderous drums, and doomy tracks; grab a jack-o-lantern and gather ‘round the fire with this Detroit death metal band for a howling good time.

The first track “Gather Each Witch” is a calling card for all the weirdos ready to rock chiming in with a gremlin-esque chant and entrancing keyboards layered amidst hooky guitar chords. This perfectly queues what’s going come for the rest of the album and seamlessly takes us into title track “Rot Among Us”; a deliciously gritty and heavy tale fit to match the album art. It’s an incredibly energetic kick-off to the album before taking us into “The Sleeper” which greets us with a thicker doom metal sound, slowing the track and adding sharp squealing vocals reminiscent of sirens (which unlike the title will definitely keep you awake).

From here we get into the heart of the album with tracks “Psychedeathic Swampnosis”, “Devil’s Night Doom” and “5508 Martin St” that all have a couple things in common- hypnotic resonance of layered guitar and bass alongside eerie lyricism transporting you to a foggy fall evening in October. And if you aren’t grabbing your costume yet, you will be by the time you are met with the shrill goblin vocalizing at the start of “Evil Dad”, setting the scene for this nostalgic feeling of  Halloween made heavy legend. This song gives the feeling of watching a classic horror film right inside your mind.

The final three tracks were superbly saved for last as we get harder and even  heavier. Not only in the atmosphere of the instrumentals (coming back to a slowed, sludgy rhythm), but also in the tales of horror we hear in “Tommyrotters” and “Chelsea Didn’t Come Home Last Night”. The final tale of Allhallows Eve on this album calls back to our witch gathering from the beginning- “Gundella the Green Witch”, which is ACID WITCH’s (how many times can I say witch/which?) heaviest track on the album and epitome of all things Halloween combined with the thick slides of guitar chords and eerie chiming of the cymbals- topped with wicked witch cackles.

If you are looking for a not-so-average Halloween party playlist, be sure to add “Rot Among Us” to the queue. It’s got all the tricks of lyrics dripping with dread and all the treats of slowed and heavy guitars.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Gather Each Witch
2. Rot Among Us
3.  The Sleeper
4. Psychedeathic Swampnosis
5. Devil’s Night Doom
6. 5508 Martin St
7. Evil Dad (Dad By Dawn)
8. Tommyrotters
9. Chelsea Didn’t Come Home Last Night
10. Gundella the Green Witch
Shagrat - Vocals, Bass
Slasher Dave - Vocals, Keyboards
Mike Tuff - Guitars
Record Label: Hells Headbangers


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