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Acid Drinkers - Verses Of Steel (CD)

Acid Drinkers
Verses Of Steel
by Grigoris Chronis at 21 April 2009, 11:29 AM

ACID DRINKERS is a 'traditional' band for the Polish scene standards. Formed in the mid-80s, they never disbanded and, including this latest Verses Of Steel CD, count thirteen full-length albums of Thrash/Crossover splendor (well, that's for each one of us to decide anyway); not bad for an outfit coming from an 'obscure' (in terms of band 'exports') country.
Verses Of Steel - issued earlier in 2008 via Poland's Mystic Production - is now delivered worldwide via Regain Records. Good news this can be, since ACID DRINKERS march on with good music and consciousness regarding their aim(s). The album's title is 'Metal' enough (the 'steel' word has some obvious references, you see) but the songlist will definitely not let down the band's fan base for a start. To be more specific, Verses Of Steel carries the traditional Thrash base, enriched with seeds of HC/Punk patterns plus an inclination to sum it up to something more fresh/modern (not New/Nu, in case you need to know).
The fact that 75% of the lineup is the same all these 20+ years is a definite virtue, since the instrumentation is solid plus there's a certain 'know how' atmosphere spread allover more than 50 minutes of duration (wow, enough time for this kind of in-your-face genre). ACID DRINKERS follows the European Thrash Metal (e.g. current KREATOR) path with loyalty and self-esteem but also play along America's rules in the Thrash/Crossover (e.g. TESTAMENT or 'metallic' DRI/AGNOSTIC FRONT) field. Added now to these facts is the band's 'groovy' new dimension, represented by sharp aggressive riffs and relative vocal lines (e.g. post-80s SEPULTURA or MACHINE HEAD).
The production is fitting to the music's dynamics, there's high energy in all of the songs and the singing of Titus is - in general - convincing. Truth is I did not find the more 'modern' parts that striking, but that's more of a matter of personal taste plus I would not complain 'bout the lack of consistency in the final result. One more thing needed to be mentioned is that the band has worked harder in developing their guitar/dual themes (why did I think of DEATH ANGEL right now?), adding value to the songs' quality.
I think this album is a natural move for ACID DRINKERS; plus, it will equally satisfy old fans of the band but also attract the interest of younger metalheads. Without raising your expectations to sky high levels, Verse Of Steel will possibly prove to be a good company with some really exciting moments. If only it was a little bit shorter in duration…
Modern Thrash with personality? Yeah. Approved? Yeah.

P.S.: RIP Olass. The guitarist was found dead in late November 2008 in his bed, after the first leg of the band's tour was over. ACID DRINKERS played a 'tribute' show in 13th December 2008 as a trio to honor their friend. Blues Beatdown is dedicated in memory of…

3 Star Rating

Fuel Of My Soul
In A Black Sail Wrapped
Swallow The Needle
The Ark
Meltdown Of Sanctity
We Died Before We Start To Live
Red Shining Fur
The Rust That I Feed
Silver Meat Machine
Blues Beatdown
Titus - Vocals, Bass
Olass - Guitars, Vocals
Popcorn - Lead Guitars
Slimak - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Regain Records


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