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Aclla - Landscape Revolution

Landscape Revolution
by Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio at 14 October 2011, 6:23 AM

Brazil is a no unknown land for the metal music; I’ll even dare say it’s the most recognized country from South America in the metal world, for bands like Sepultura, Angra, Krisiun, and so. Now comes to my ears this new band whom I’ve never heard before, or know they existed, ACLLA presents here their debut album called “Landscape Revolution”, a simple and plain power metal…I’d love to say that they have something else, but besides the lyrical content, I’d be lying to all of you.

Packed with 14 powerful guitar-driven songs, ACLLA’s debut album, they have a very good production, with the basic power/heavy metal structure, only making a little bit of difference in the distortion of the guitars, something interesting, but made in the past. After the first song “The Totem”, the band begins to fall in the plain and simple land of the power metal nowadays, with a lot of energy, but nothing to remember, nothing with heart or soul in it.

Very interesting solos?, yes!. Very weird tempo changes?, yes!, No doubt on the quality of the musicians behind ACLLA, since they manage to make very good songs?, yes!, but still this is no good can come out of it, because by the time you are in the middle of the album, you notice that song-writing creativity is one of the things they need to work A LOT, only in the mood to avoid hearing the same track by track. If I have to be sincere (and believe me, I have…), there’s not a song I remember clearly, only because they’ve got nothing that has caught my attention.

But on the other hand, for a debut album, the quality of the production is nothing but amazing, the sound of each and every instrument can be heard and distinguished from one to another, and of course the like I said “highly acclaimed lyrics”, making emphasis in topics like conflicts of humankind and climate change, something really different from castles, dragons and battles; putting some of brains in the music written today.

For a debut album “Landscape Revolution” is not a promising release. But shows some potential in the musicians, making me keep a little bit of hope, that they someday will release something that really makes them different and unique, (…and finally something intelligent to sing about).

2 Star Rating

1. The Totem
2. The Hidden Dawn
3. Under Twilight Skies
4. Ride
5. Living for a Dream
6. Aclla
7. Overcoming
8. Landscape Revolution
9. Flight of the 7th Moon
10. Trace
11. Beyond the Infinite Ocean
12. Sun n' Moon       
Bruno Ladislau: Bass
Denison Fernandes: Guitars
Chrystian Dozza: Guitars
Eloy Casagrande: Drums
Tato Deluca: Vocals
Record Label: Metalodic Records


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