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ACOD - Another Path

Another Path
by Andrew Sifari at 02 September 2014, 12:46 PM

ACOD are a Metal band from Marseilles. They incorporate a variety of styles on their third release overall, the “Another Path” EP, and while it does have its flaws, it still makes for an interesting listen.

The band’s musical style is a mix of Thrash Metal with Death and Black Metal influences, with an attitude very firmly rooted in Thrash. They use their melodic, technical riffs and battering drums give the music a very dark, very intense atmosphere that produces some great results. The powerful “Black Wings” is full of memorable hooks and pummeling riffs, while the blackened Thrash of “Unleash The Fools” decimates all in its path with its sheer speed and aggression before slowing down to a softer, acoustic passage, only to rise back up again to finish the job. The title track plows through one ferocious riff after the other, while “Abuse Me” and “Words Of War” alternate moods skillfully while still keeping things heavy throughout.

The only real weakness the band shows is in the vocals and lyrics, both of which are up-and-down across the five songs. While they definitely have the right attitude, there are times where the vocal delivery just sounds somewhat overdone, like on the otherwise solid title track. Elsewhere, the lyrics to “Unleash The Fools”, while not bad, aren’t nearly as memorable as the music itself, and in other places the phrases used are a bit awkward (“he talk to god…”, “nights are more black,” “remaining some blood in your veins…” etc.). It’s not a glaring problem, but it’s something the band would do well to work on, as the rest of their sound is mostly…er…sound.

Overall, “Another Path” is a decent offering. It’s not going to set the world on fire, but there are plenty of good moments of melodic, thrashing intensity to enjoy.

3 Star Rating

1. Another Path
2. Black Wings
3. Unleash The Fools
4. Abuse Me
5. Words Of War
Thierry - Vocals
Fred – Vocals
J.B. – Guitar
Chris - Guitar
Franck - Bass
Raf - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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