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Acrania - An Uncertain Collision Award winner

An Uncertain Collision
by Spyros Stasis at 08 July 2013, 10:44 AM

Hailing from Mexico, the guys in the experimental Death Metal act ACRANIA have just one goal in mind: drive the listener insane. The band exists since 2001 (changed their name from NECROFILIA to ACRANIA in 2006) released their sophomore album, “An Uncertain Collision” in 2012 after their 2010 debut “Unbreakable Fury”. The concept behind the music of the band might not seem so original at first, putting Latin music, jazz influences and Boss Nova rhythmic patterns into your sound is something that few bands have tried in the past, but the way that ACRANIA are doing it is absolutely fresh.

The first wave hits as soon as the opening track, “Treason, Politics & War” kicks in. The rhythms that you cannot headbang to are starting to frustrate you, while the thrashy riffs are driving you manic. About one and a half minute in they give you a glimpse on what they can potentially do with the use of percussion, for a further taste you just need to hear “Revolutions & Tequila” (you are not allowed to have a revolution without tequila, it is unheard of) where they go completely mental. And if that is not enough, soon the saxophone and trumpets come in to complicate things even further.

The thrashy start of “Deceive the Pain” once again shows the incredible musicianship of the band, with the percussion accompanying the song in an impressive manner. A guitar solo about a couple of minutes in is immediately followed by a more laid back Jazz part that completely changes the ambiance of the track. The work on the saxophone once again impressive is becoming overwhelming about three and a half minutes in the song. And if you think that ACRANIA cannot put any more layers in this album then you are in for a treat. “Now” comes in with a tribal part sounding quite manic and frenzied, but that is nothing compared to the chaos that the band creates when the full song kicks, but once again they do not stay put in one form but ACRANIA alters moods, with the Latin Jazz parts and the incredible guitar solos taking charge.

The use of saxophones and trumpets can be experienced in all its glory on the two minute long “Vallarta Nights” on its own, while in other occasions such as the imposing “A Praise to Madness” they blend in with the track in a very well thought out way, making the song probably the most anthemic moment of the album. The Bossa Nova and Latin vibe is prevalent in a very strong way in “A Praise to Madness” as well in the seven minute long “But Not Today”, with the interchanging Death Metal and Latin Jazz parts (the one about four and a half minutes in is truly amazing) messing with your head.

The lessons in percussions soon continue with “Speartooth”, the beginning of which is epic to say the least, the track itself is the probably the most energetic one you will find in “An Uncertain Collision”, still they do not forget to add another jazzy laid back part to the song.  Finally the closing track, “In My Land” sums up everything that the band is trying to achieve. Spanning for over seven minutes, it starts off quite furiously, with a Latin part taking over about three minutes in and then they decide to start rebuilding the start from scratch with the use of a…wait for it… flute! Still full of surprises.

All in all, “An Uncertain Collision” is a very interesting listen. It definitely does not fall in the “easy-listening” category of album, even though the music itself is quite melodic and the technical side of the band is not presented in such a way to make them seem distant. But ACRANIA is a band that is capable of making very intriguing music, so if you like experimental music (not progressive, experimental) and do not mind a good horns section, then you should definitely check them out.

4 Star Rating

1. Treason, Politics & Death
2. Deceive the Pain
3. Now
4. A Praise to Madness
5. Revolutions & Tequila
6. But Not Today
7. Speartooth
8. Vallarta Nights
9. In My Land
Alberto Morales – Bass
David Contreras Cortes – Saxophone
Ignacio Gomez Ceja – Percussion
Luis F. Oropeza R. – Vocals, Guitar
Felix, Carreon Hernandez – Guitars, Saxophone
J.C. Chavez – Drums

Alan Hernandez Varela – Trumpet
Julian Roberto Flores Millan – Trumpet
Said – Trumpet
El Osky – Trombone
Lucas Moreno – Flute
Record Label: Independent


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