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Acrimonious - Sunyata

by Salvador Aguinaga II at 04 March 2013, 4:00 PM

There is more to death then the physiology experience of it. It is the sensation we feel when our conscious is latent on the idea of emptiness. The semi-permanent state many individuals experience. Sunyata is a Buddhist term that signifies this absence in all stimuli, as is the album title of ACRIMONIOUS’s sophomore full-length release via Agonia Records.

“Nexus Aosoth” is the first active and sedate the temporal lobe. It’s a trance-like instrumental constructed to lubricate the intricacy that follows within the passage of the next state. The magnificence, Sunyata, displays is its creative tendencies to write riffs that are unique and ponder its transgression into existentialism. Also the renowned disposition of primitive recording is transparent. For those who criticize what they don’t understand will probably favor this loop hole for all you conniving mortals. Ever acquaint yourselves with KRALLICE? Upon hearing your first encounters you might not hear the connection but listen and see that there’s a subtle resemblance about how they go about their songs.

The notable aspect of “Lykaria Hecate” is the interlude where flames begin to crackle and churn, slowly introducing your doom as an organ dispels all counter-intuition. This potency is transferred into Akhkhar as he takes in the incantation to proceed with the benevolence even further. All that needs to be said about “Glory Crowned Son of the Thousand Petalled Lotus” is a rhythm within the content that daintily resembles the simplicity of METALLICA’s “The Unforgiven”.

Another commodity you should consider is ACRIMONIOUS derives from the knee jerking consistency of blast-beats, also the consideration of two different types of main vocals that take place. First is the transference of spoken folk vocals presumably overabundant in DIMMU BORGIR’s “For All Tid”. The second requires a bit of thought on your part to see the adaptable description. Imagine Dallas from NILE fronting a Black Metal band. He’d have to let relax his cords a bit to manifest the proper octave. To smooth out the current thought pattern let’s move on to “The Hollow Wedjat”. Preserving on the same subject, this song actually starts out with an Egyptian sounding introduction. The deficiency of it all is this is the worst song during “Sunyata”, the weakest link in my humble opinion.

The remaining keep up the momentum since initiation and riffs continue to convey gracefully-crafted introspection and daring portrayal. “The Sloughted Scales of Seperation” for instance, has a beautiful acoustic interlude. “Vitalising the Red-Purple in Asher-Zemurium” showcases their ingenuity. Now “Black Kundalini” is staggering! It knocks away your breath by combining Speed Metal riffs! Think along the lines of ANNIHILATOR and AGENT STEEL.

“Sunyata” despite its concept gives birth to condescending life, a contradictory conception that awakens what needs to be experienced by any individual exploring life. An assurgency for inner peace by realizing the path of nothingness, a path of pure black interjectory. 

3 Star Rating

1. Nexus Aosoth
2. Lykaria Hecate
3. Adharma
4. Glory crowned Son of the Thousand Petalled Lotus
5. The Hollow Wedjat
6. The Sloughted Scales of Seperation
7. Vitalising the Red-Purple in Asher-Zemurium
8. Black Kundalini
Akhkhar - Bass
C. Docre - Drums
Semjaza 218 - Guitars
Cain Letifer - Guitars, Vocals
Ar-Ra'd al-Iblis – Lyrics
Record Label: Agonia Records


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