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Acrosome – Narrator and Remains

Narrator and Remains
by Jess at 28 July 2017, 12:51 PM

Acrosome “is an organelle that develops over the anterior half of the head in spermatozoa (sperm cells).” “It’s function is to help the sperm get through the egg’s protective coat” to allow for fusion, thus creating life. ACROSOME is a Post Black Metal band born in Turkey in 2009. DA writes music based on psychology, spirituality, the cosmos, and philosophy; living by the virtue of “destruct yourself to exist.” You see I had to give a lesson on biology in order for it all to coexist nicely. While people can say you must destroy yourself to exist, they don’t live that from conception, the ACROSOME does.

ACROSOME released an EP in 2011 “Dementia Praecox”, followed by a debut full-length release “Non-Pourable Lines” in 2014. He is back with a sophomore effort “Narrator And Remains”, released in 2016. This album comes in with seven tracks and a listening time of just over 36 minutes.

The opening track, “First Step on to the Room”, comes in balls to the wall drumming and guitar work. The drums feel a bit muted, but still hold a definite power. The vocals are deep and heavy, but intertwine well within the track. The muted feel lasts throughout the track giving me the impression that this in fact what this Post Black Metal is meant to be. The cleaner, subdued vocals are a nice touch as well. They sound strained, but not as deep and gritty. The rhythm change over the tracks almost nine-minute length is slow but steady, and by the end I liked what I was hearing.

Crossbreed Rising”, track two, comes in with a nice guitar and some creepy atmospheric swirl. The vocals are back to the deep and gritty. Then we blast off into the world of blast beats and heavy guitars. The rhythm is banging in this one. It is a definite head banger and brings a lot of elemental changes throughout. There are areas where the drums sound off or unbalanced. It’s not the whole track but it is there and throws off the alignment of the overall sound a bit.

Track four, “Sight” is a two-minute instrument interlude of sorts. The drums are soft and the guitars are enticing a sense of panic. The way the silence is used in this track along with the building music is uneasy and super creative. It also creates a flawless transition to “In the Wake of Foot Traces”.

Accommodate”, track six, comes in with an interesting programmed intro. It sort of reminded me of what a thumping speaker would sound like with just resonance, with an added atmosphere of course. The guitars quietly build. The tone of this track has a different overall feel.  The vocals are clean and there is a Jazzy Blues induced ambience, even after the blast beats burst forth, it keeps a bit of a lighter tone. This is an interesting track to say the least.

The final track, “Terra Amata” brings in some Progressive influence that sounds like they could be of Moroccan influence. It’s what I would consider a fast-passed ambiance track that nicely rounds out a diverse and interesting album in less than two minutes. ACROSOME’sNarrator and Remains” is an interesting album and can only be expressed as oddly satisfying. While the production is mid-level and there are bouts of “where did that come from?” the album as a whole is creatively driven with an elaborate and imaginative flow.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 10
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. First Step on to the World
2. Crossbreed Rising
3. Cognitive Contact
4. Sight
5. In the Wake of Foot Traces
6. Accommodate
7. Terra Amata
DA – All instruments and programming
Record Label: Dusktone


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