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Across the Sun - Before the Night Takes Us

Across the Sun
Before the Night Takes Us
by Mike Novak at 27 March 2011, 4:44 PM

Metalcore is a genre that was pretty much stagnant even before it was referred to as “metalcore.” There is very little room for innovation, so it is refreshing when a band attempts to add a little originality to the fold. And the best way for them to do this is to include elements that are as far away from traditional metalcore as possible. ACROSS THE SUN is a band that attempts to take the genre and expand it beyond its narrow confines.

Despite being formed in 2004, “Before the Night Takes Us,” is ACROSS THE SUN’s first album. This is the band’s fourth release, however; they released three EP’s before this. “Before the Night Takes Us” certainly sounds much more polished than most debuts, not just in the production but in the songwriting as well. The experience definitely shows.

The biggest aspect of what separates ACROSS THE SUN from other bands in the genre is the use of keyboards. They add atmosphere and melody to what is already a multi-faceted sound. Those looking for mindless chug-chug riffing that serves the singular purpose of building up to a breakdown should look elsewhere. There are definitely elements of metalcore here, but they do not detract from the music. They instead add a certain identity and style to the music. There are some progressive and jazz influences sprinkled throughout. The guitars can be heavy, but also play to enhance the song, rather than being overly showy, even though there are some fine guitar solos to be found.

All of this culminates into a surprisingly enjoyable album that was accessible early on and grew on me with repeated listens. One of the best parts of being a reviewer is being forced to listen to albums and bands that I would not normally bother with, and thankfully I have been lucky enough to discover something new. ACROSS THE SUN should appeal not only to fans of metalcore but to fans of any type of melodic metal that do not mind occasional bits of heaviness.

4 Star Rating

1. Tipping the Scales
2. Song for the Hopeless
3. Seasons
4. Descent & Discovery
5. Ghost of Grandeur
6. Before the Night Takes Us
7. A Moment of Clarity
8. Blessing in Disguise
9. In the Face of Adversity
10. Belay My Judgement
Brandon Davis - Vocals
Shane Murray - Keys
Sam Hafer - Guitar
John Malloy - Bass
Alan Ashcraft - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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