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Across The Swarm - Across The Swarm Award winner

Across The Swarm
Across The Swarm
by Michael Coyle at 07 September 2014, 8:36 PM

As the years go on, the branch that feeds through the world of Death Metal keeps on growing, stretching across to different countries and nations, growing as we all do. Today, I will be reviewing one of the saplings that have grown on that branch and has become Across The Swarm.

We start off with the track “Hang Out”. The beginning is a traditional blast from the past when it comes to speed, force, and aggression; the song takes an immense turn to traditional styled ideas, as well as adding their own little touches along the way. Singer Francesco A. Flagiello shows what you get when you mix a concentrating dose of CANNIBAL CORPSE mixed with KRISIUN; the results show for themselves that they decimate anything along the way.

The next song “Just Bodies” is what I would personally call a soul-ripping example of extreme aggression performed amazingly with little bits and pieces that you wouldn’t actually expect. These little changes include a little beat box sound near the beginning of the song, as well as through the song, which can be found when it comes to a specific part in the guitar sound switching around; either way it is a very creative use of this sound, as it does work for what it does, as well as being a little side humor.

To conclude, there are many different styles of Death Metal in the world as time has gone on, some I wouldn’t call it Death Metal, but some I would say they have helped to grow the style and bring new ideas to the playing field; this might include speed and style of vocals, but in any sense these guys show that they have incorporated both traditional, with a new found idea to bring. It is a very interesting change, but none the less, it is still the same sound I have grown to love over the years; ripping, aggressive and relentless!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Hang Out
2. Just Bodies
3. Cynical Eyes
4. Formless Wreck
5. Like Water
Francesco A. Flagiello - Vocals
Luca Sammartino - Guitars
Marco Lambertini - Guitars
Riccardo Grechi - Drums
Simone Bertozzi - Bass Guitar (session studio
Luca Lodi - Samples
Record Label: Independent


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