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Across Tundras - Electric Relics

Across Tundras
Electric Relics
by Samantha Lynn Ham at 17 June 2013, 3:49 PM

ACROSS TUNDRAS"Electric Relics" is by far one of the most disappointing albums I have heard in a while. The music itself fell flat to me, and the vocals were just as flat. On top of that, they were not mixed together very well on the album. It kind of disappoints me because I wanted very much to like it. Sadly, from the beginning track, "Pining for the Gravel Roads", it sounded either like a really bad phone recording at a concert or like the next door neighbor used their laptop to record a garage band. And from there it just got worse. I fought the urge to hit the stop button by telling myself, “one more, it could get better”. You know what I realized? I am either way to optimistic or I just love to lie to myself.

I noticed that the band was referred to as Psychedelic Rock. And I was highly confused. Okay, maybe some songs drug around and were a bit flat-ish, but I have a much deeper respect for such Psychedelic Rock artists such as THE MOODY BLUES, THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS, PINK FLOYD and THE DOORS to put this band near the same category. Though mind you, these bands were not perfect, but they are fondly still listened to for a reason.

I do hope that ACROSS TUNDRAS doesn’t give up, because they could be something good! I know that bands, even such as THE DOORS or PINK FLOYD weren’t instant hits. In fact they struggled and were even more harshly critiqued than I am critiquing this band right now. I wish ACROSS TUNDRAS the best in their future ventures.

1 Star Rating

1. Pining for the Gravel Roads
2. Den of Poison Snakes
3. Kiln of the First Flame
4. Driftless Caravan
5. Seasick Serenade
6. Castaway
7. Solar Ark
8. Unfortunate Son
Tanner Olson - Guitars, Vocals
Casy Perry - Drums
Mikey Allred - Bass
Record Label: Neurot Recordings


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