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Act of Impalement - Perdition Cult Award winner

Act of Impalement
Perdition Cult
by Kyle Scott at 03 August 2018, 3:30 PM

ACT OF IMPALEMENT comes stalking out of the ashy forest ruins, stinking of burned cedar and covered in a layer of soot. This Death Metal band from Tennessee formed in 2012. Now, I’m not saying that ACT OF IMPALEMENT’s formation was a sign of apocalypse… maybe they at least have the soundtrack to the end of the world ready and waiting with their first full-length release “Perdition Cult”. The album’s deafening Death Metal sound flirts heavily with Doom (and Doom is being a huge tease). “Smoldering Out of Existence” introduces us to explosive drums and cymbals drowning out lead vocalist Ethan “Dark Druid” Rock in a pit of sonic quicksand.

“Disembowelment Rituals of Moloch” brims with leaden bass riffs and Dark Druid’s grizzly, rumbling lyrics. “Perdition Cult” travels through the darkest regions of some artic waters encased under so much ice that no light of day can penetrate. Horrific beasts swim through those icy depths, and ACT OF IMPALEMENT aims to bring those monstrosities to the surface. “Draugr” introduces us to a Norse creature of legend called a Draugr; a mythical beast that is capable of changing size, shape, even the weather. Draugr can enter people’s dreams and drive them to madness, they plague villages, and generally sow discord and mayhem. They sound like epic beasts that wouldn’t sound out of place in a ‘Game of Thrones’ novel. “Draugr” is an angry rollick through the wastes of some poor village that was razed to the ground by a pack of Draugrs.

Few songs are as intimidating as “Ruins of Sarnat” with the sounds of an unforgiving hellscape in some unfortunate soul’s shattered psyche, or even “S.L.R Sadistic Lycanthropic Rage” screaming pure bilious hatred. Guitars die a violent death in molten steel as they scream while being melted in “Eterna Frame-Eternal Abyss”. ACT OF IMPALEMENT seethes with rage that burns so hot, they make stars look pale. Listen to “Perdition Cult” if you’re into aural BDSM.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Smoldering Out of Existence
2. Disembowelment Rituals of Moloch
3. Draugr
4. Ruins of Sarnat
5. As Their Temples Burn
6. Pax Romana
7. S.L.R. (Sadistic Lycanthropic Rage)
8. Eternal Frame-Eternal Bliss
9. Chthonic
James de Rais - Bass
Vlad (Zach Ledbetter) - Drums
Dark Druid (Ethan Rock) - Vocals and Guitars
Record Label: Unspeakable Axe Records


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Edited 03 February 2023

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