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Ad Extirpenda - Cathartic

Ad Extipenda
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 24 April 2014, 3:25 PM

Formed in France in 2008, AD EXTIRPENDA proposes a Symphonic Blackened Metal, tinted by heavy, Folk and Medieval influences.  “Cathartic” is the first, full-length album, released in January, 2014.  There are ten tracks on the album.

I like the tone setting instrumental lead-in song, which hints softly at what is to come.  But I do not believe I was prepared for what happened next.  “Gnosis” begins with a discernable riff pattern before the more traditional Black Metal sound comes around.  I have to say is a pretty unique combination of sounds.  But just when you think you have nailed down the track, it surprises you with a new direction.  As the song closes, a softer, gloomier element takes over.

“Church of the Wolves” has a sweet little acoustic opening, before the main riff comes in with a folky sort of rhythm.  This time the gravely vocals are low and brooding.  Shortly thereafter it slows to a more grinding rhythm, murky and mesmerizing, complete with a running lead guitar fill.  “Dominic and the Perfect” has a swifter pace, where the vocals are subdued, as if behind a cloud, and the guitar is dissonant at times.  This time the detour is gentle and coy, before it returns to the main riff.  They are really working in a lot of sounds here to keep you on your toes.

“Beziers” opens with a haunting piano melody, as if you were privy to the coming of something evil.  The main riff has a catchy sort of feel to it and I like the direction this song takes.  “Holocauste” is another distinct track that stops flat as a dime halfway through, and carries a beautiful melody forth for a while, like a single ray of sunshine that pierces through a thunderhead.

“The Inquisitor” by contrast, is much more dark and brutal Black Metal, with an intermission passage where hateful spoken words fill the air with animosity and repugnance.   There is a real intensity to the message.  “Augustus” continues in a similar vein.  The message is bitter, impassioned and spiteful.  Closing the album is the track “Ego Te Absolvo.”  It starts with a more frenzied pace, and the vocals are more commanding, like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, decreeing the way things are.  I love the “church organ” keyboards that lie underneath the laments of vocalist Misein.

In sum, AD EXTIRPENDA present to you a varied plate of Black Metal, with plenty of ingredients that add flavor and depth to their brand of music.  Fans of traditional Black Metal will find this to their liking I believe, and Metal heads who might not normally congregate to this kind of music may find a nice surprise here.  They are able to connect some really unusual and varied passages without losing sight of the song.  There is no denying a real musical hand that created this music here.  It’s a promising first album for a band that is clearly not afraid of some experimentation within the genre.


3 Star Rating

1. Cathartic
2. Gnosis
3. Church of the Wolves
4. Dominic and the Perfect
5. Beziers
6. Holocauste
7. Flet Victus
8. The Inquisitor
9. Augustus
10. Ego To Absolvo
Misein – Lead Vocals
Hrotulf – Lead Guitars and Backing Vocals
Limdul – Guitars
Khan – Keyboards and Choir
Jujux – Bass
Janus – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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