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Ad Hominem - Napalm for All

Ad Hominem
Napalm for All
by Tatianny Ruiz at 24 April 2018, 2:44 AM

AD HOMINEM, the solo project of Kaiser Wodhanaz with birthplace in France but currently based in Italy recently released the album "Napalm For All" by Osmose Productions, and if during all the project career what we most find is a line of Black Metal the new album could not be different. In the midst of this new trend within the Black metal with more modern sonorities "Napalm For All" is what we call "accurate shot", raw, clean, and extremely heavy with many lines of black'n'roll. Constantly varying between slower and faster times with brief spoken parts that integrate with melody riffs and shrill screams, a perfect blend and well dosed. With letters varying between genocide, war and anti-monotheism the band brings back the old Black metal raw back to the front line of the style and this at the moment is a great trump up the sleeve.

It is unavoidable to mention the fact that Osmosis has such a controversial band on the wings and that it keeps reminiscing politically and it is clear that even Climax Of Hatred, the AD HOMINEM did not appear on the radar as something very significant in terms of sonority, which I totally disagree. In the album mentioned above, the production was approached differently and Kaiser ended up having a more brutal throat than in the previous albums. As of this album, the influences of black 'n roll and industrial also increased. For example, "Dictator - A Monument Of Glory" has grooves similar to Fear Factory and passages in the "Antitheist" that resemble bands like CARPATHAIN FOREST and URGEHAL, so it is possible to relate this to "Napalm For All". The album begins with the heavy and corpulent "AMSB" and then going on to "I Am Love", which brings extra energy to this album. In the last track, the love for the industrial is clearly audible. At this point we can notice Kaiser's very low voice lines that fits perfectly with the character of this song. I have to think of bands like TYPE O NEGATIVE and even RAMMSTEIN without the Black metal elements disappearing.

I really like how it sounds “Consecrate The Abomination”, a track with a lot of black 'n roll, thrashy polka and captivating hooks. This song recalls Shining at the time of The Eerie Cold with its melodic bass lines and scary guitar chords. It is no wonder that this track jumps to the ears during the audition. Then this disc continues with the title track that could also have functioned as an opener. Here you can hear some hardcore influences that are particularly contagious. And as I mentioned at the beginning of this review "Napalm For All" impresses by bringing the Black metal back to the cradle of the crudest sonority and this factor already deserves the well-deserved hearing.

 Another detail worth mentioning is the synchronic work between bass and guitar. The bass parts contain a bit of distortion, but just enough not to get bogged down in an indefinite sound. Although the songs are composed by a single person again, everything sounds perfectly like a very experienced band in its totality. It is undeniable that the band is in constant development and the improvements are noticeable since "Climax of Hatred", and considering the launches in this follow up in 2018 I can conclude that "Napalm For All" is a heavy and rewarding choice.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1   AMSB
2   I Am Love
3   Consecrate the Abomination
4   Napalm for All
5   Goatfucker
6   V. Is the Law
7   Imperial Massacre
8   Bomb the Earth
9   You Are My Slut
10  Vatican Gay
Kaiser Wodhanaz - All (Vocals/Bass Live)
M.K. - guitar
D.N. - guitar
G.K. – drums
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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