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Ad Hominem - Dictator - A Monument Of Glory (CD)

Ad Hominem
Dictator - A Monument Of Glory
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 14 May 2009, 7:00 PM

While I was taking a walk downtown I decided to pay a visit to an underground record store, where I usually find many things to satisfy my dark desires. While browsing the CDs I ended up asking the owner to suggest me something I haven't listened to and he believes I will like. He has never failed me, neither did he this time. The brand new AD HOMINEM album fell into my hands and I haven't stopped listening to it since the day I bought it.

The French black metallers are actually a one man band, since the person behind AD HOMINEM is Kaiser. He composes and plays all instruments and he uses only session drummers for the drum parts, as well as session musicians for the live appearances. This time, he had the services of Thorns, a drummer well known in the Black Metal scene for his participation in bands like FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, HANDFUL OF HATE and the Greek act NOCTERNITY.

Dictator - A Monument Of Glory is an amazing Black Metal album with sharp as fuck riffing and Kaiser's vocals that are coming straight from hell! You will find blastbeats but they are kind of scattered here and there, since this is more riff based Black Metal with a tempo that caries from frenzy blasts to mid tempo (even groovy at times) heavy riffing. The band's mastermind (and as I said only person) has taken good care of these 9 songs, creating solid structures that will manage to grab you by the balls and make you scream for mercy. There is NO FUCKING WAY you are going to get bored while listening to this album! We are talking about rabid, poisonous, cold and ravaging Black Metal here folks!

The lyrical themes are centered around the plagues of modern society (be it religion, politics etc). Even in this section, Kaiser really knows his job and offers some pissed off, yet intelligent lyrics that complete the whole anti-everything atmosphere of Dictator - A Monument Of Glory. The album is also strengthened by a raw, yet polished production that helps each song's rotten beauty reach the surface. With such a heavy and ass kicking sound, every little detail of this Black Metal opus is audible.

So, if you don't care about a band being NSBM or totalitarian Black Metal or how the fuck you want to call it and just care about quality music, then don't even have second thoughts about laying your hands on this album! By far one of the best releases I have come across this year and if someone doesn't do something quick, definitely the best Black metal release for 2009! Approximately 47 minutes of pure fucking Black Metal holocaust motherfuckers!

4 Star Rating

In Power
Slaves Of God
The Encomium Of Terror
Chambers Of Hate
Solitary Supremacy
Zog Is Dead
Total Volkermord
Schlachthaus Der Gedanken
Kaiser - Vocals, All Instruments
Thorns - Drums
Record Label: Darker Than Black Records


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