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Adagio - Archangels In Black (CD)

Archangels In Black
by Harry Papadopoulos at 28 January 2009, 8:27 PM

OK. I was getting ready to do a review to the new album from ADAGIO, having in mind the words that they told me when they gave me the promo. That they play Power Metal etc. I opened my CD player, put Archangels In Black and pressed play. Just after 25 to 30 seconds, I pressed stop and ejected the CD. I was sure that they put the wrong CD inside the case! And why did I think that? Well, read bellow.

This is the fourth album from this band, originating from France. They formed back in 2000 and it's the child of Stephan Forte. During the years they had some lineup changes for musical, personal or management reasons, with the last one being the guy behind the microphone. Finnish singer Christian Palin replaced Gus Monsanto not a long time ago.

So why did I press stop and why did I think that they accidentally put the wrong CD in the case? Well, if you're ready to listen to some Power Metal and the album starts with a heavy as a Caterpillar riff, blastbeats and growls, you would think the same thing! Finally, a power Metal album that has something different to give to the scene. Maybe the old-school Power metallers that are wearing blinders will not like it. But it's logical that not all of us will like the same things. If I have to give an example of their music, I'd say it like that: Take three measures of FIREWIND, two measures of the Images And Words DREAM THEATER era and add some blastbeats, growls. Mix them together well and serve. Served in close venues and for dressing put some really nice guitar and keyboard solos. Voila! But don't even think that this is just a cold soup! All the songs are well-organized and nothing seams to be in the wrong place. Bringing Christian Palin in the band was a very good move and I strongly believe that he can give even more! As for the air-guitar heroes Stephan Forte is giving them some great solos to practice with. OK it's not a masterpiece, but it is something different and interesting. My only objections are that some of the melodies are similar to each other and that the voice could be a little bit higher in the mixing.

But overall, Archangels In Black is an album that will keep you company for quite a while. Nice compositions, binding Power Metal with more extreme forms and lyrics about their personal approach fro life and death and about a certain nightside philosophy, makes a really good album. You should check it out! Best moments in my opinion: Vamphyri, Fear Circus, Undead and Getsu Senshi.

3 Star Rating

The Astral Pathway
Fear Circus
Archangels In Black
The Fifth Ankh
Codex Oscura
Twilight At Dawn
Getsu Senshi
Stephan Forte - Guitars, Vocals
Franck Hermanny - Bass
Christian Palin - Vocals
Eric Lebailly - Drums
Kevin Codfert - Keyboards
Record Label: Listenable Records


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