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Adam West - Right On! (CD)

Adam West
Right On!
by Dimitra Zertopouli at 30 October 2001, 10:50 PM

Adam West has won 5 awards in 3 years, the 2000, 1999 and 1998 Washington Area Music Association Wammie Award for Best Hard Rock Group, singer Jake Starr won the 2000 and 1998 Wammie Best Hard Rock Vocalist. Well, frankly I don't give a damn! It's garage-punk and I don't like punk!!!
Right on is a really good album, if you are into punkish stuff. It has attitude, it has nerve, it has aggression, it has nasty lyrics, it has fast guitars and a strong rhythm section. Mr. Starr's vocals are really good for a punk singer (Am I repeating myself? :P)
Some songs and especially Piece Of Ass sounded like Motorhead, but sorry I couldn't see any resemblance with Kiss or AC/DC (this is what company comments on the promo). I can assure you that I wasn't drinking when I was listening to it (maybe I should though), so I can't explain why the Gentlemen's Evening strongly reminded me the chorus of Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. It's also strange the fact that I liked the Rock 'N' Roll Shield Your Eyes.
Did I make it clear enough that this album is for garage-punk fans? If you are one go for it… you'll love it and it's certainly better than many other bands of this genre! (Note: The rate would have definitely been higher if we weren't a metal zine.)

3 Star Rating

C'mon And Bludgeon Me
Cut Loose
Hot Chocolate
Flower, Fist And Bestial Wail
Piece Of Ass
Gentlemen's Evening
Fire In My Bones
Shield Your Eyes
Sultry Motherfucker
Erotic Neurotic (The Saints) (Bonus track on European version)
Jack Starr - vocals
Kevin Hoffman - guitar / vocals
Steve - guitar / vocals
Jonny May - bass
Tom Barrick - drums
(Note: The line-up on the promo CD, is different from the line-up that has. I don't know which is the correct one, so I kept the promo's.)
Record Label: People Like You


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