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ADE - Rise of the Empire Award winner

Rise of the Empire
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 05 December 2019, 11:47 AM

Julius Caesar was the first Roman Emperor, the one soldier that ascended the ranks of power due his always brilliant strategy. He really seemed to be born for war and to reign, and conquests of barbarians on Gallia raised his fame. And his history deserves to be remembered and told from time to time, and the legions of ADE came once more to witness the power of Roman Empire. After destroying Carthage with “Carthago Delenda Est”, they’re back to unleash their musical fury with “Rise of the Empire”.

Fusing the brutality of Death Metal with modern elements and a very good technical touch, this legion is here to keep the conquest. And “Rise of the Empire” can be said as an evolved continuity of what they did on “Carthago Delenda Est”, using an almost new line-up (if this writer is right, only Fabivs is left from the formation that recorded the previous album), and even some World Music elements (some percussion and even keyboards to create the right ambiances, as can be heard on “Once the Die is Cast”). But the music heard on the album keeps the energy and hooking approach that they always show, but a bit more elegant.

This time, the band joined forces with Stefano Morabito, who produced the album and built its sonority. It’s truly brutal and aggressive, but a little more clean and with a dry sound than before, what make the band’s instrumental tunes comprehensible to the ears. Yes, even this aspect was improved. And what a great artwork that Fabio Timpanaro created for the album’s cover! The album has 11 songs, but the best assaults from the centurions are heard on the brutal “Empire” (the technical aspect improved, but the work on drums and percussion is perfect, along with some Ethnic Music touches), the massive battering ram called “The Gallic Hourglass” (great chorus and excellent guitar parts), the melodic punctual touches of “Chains of Alesia”, the hooking ambiances presented on “Once the Die is Cast” (and a great set of musical contrasts can be heard, with excellent keyboards and vocals), the atmospheric smashing power heard on “Gold Roots of War”, the shrapnel solos heard on the brutal blow given on “Ptolemy Has to Fall”, and… Please, it’s not possible to choose best songs on “Rise of the Empire”, because all the songs are excellent!

If you’re not a sissy that got offended with anything, buy your copies of “Rise of the Empire”, and don’t download it illegally! Don’t be an idiot! The Roman Praetors of ADE deserve it, for they’re one of the best extreme Metal bands of the last years!

Musicianship: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Forge the Myth
2. Empire
3. The Gallic Hourglass
4. Chains of Alesia
5. Once the Die is Cast
6. Gold Roots of War
7. Ptolemy Has to Fall
8. Suppress the Riot
9. Veni Vidi Vici
10. The Blithe Ignorance
11. Imperator  
Diocletianvs - Vocals
Nerva  - Guitars
Fabivs - Rhythm Guitars
Cornelivs - Bass
Decivs - Drums
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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