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Adimiron - K2

by Rebecca Miller at 06 February 2012, 11:34 PM

Before being given this album to review, I was not aware of Italian Thrash band ADIMIRON. However, they have a fairly decent history, spanning back to their inception in 1999; “K2” is the band’s third full length album and it’s not a bad effort.

At first glance, this band is really very good. The riffs are heavy, the songs are tight, and the vocals are good. However the actual execution is lacking on a few of the songs. Sometimes the vocals don’t quite match up with the instrumentals supporting them. There’s a mix of clean and heavier vocals, but the clean ones occasionally feel out of place, and the heavier vocals aren’t always heavy enough. Sure, Spinelli is a talented singer, but I feel that maybe a little bit more thought could have been given to the arrangement of the vocals. The production values are what you’d expect on an album released in the present, and the instruments are mixed as such that allows the bass to be slightly more audible than in other albums I’ve heard, and it’s a big positive.

Being in an Italian band, they’ve got a stylish aspect to their music; it always feels very fluid and it’s definitely not a chore to listen to. But saying that, it doesn’t do all that much to stand out from the rest of the Thrash music out there. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some brilliant moments on this album, especially with the last track “Thou Walk Eternal”, but these moments don’t come around often enough for me, and quite a bit of the album is unfortunately just ‘so-so’. It doesn’t really do the talents of the band members justice, if I’m honest.

Overall, whilst I did enjoy listening to this album, it’s not one that I’ll be giving too many repeated listening to, because I feel that it doesn’t properly show off the great musicianship of these four Italians. I’d probably recommend it to those who are already fans of the band, but for those who aren’t, there are better Thrash albums out there that I could point you to. It’s a shame that I have to make these comments, because it is a good album, but it’s only excellent in a few scattered moments.

3 Star Rating

1. Oriens
2. Where Nothing Changes
3. Vertical Limit
4. Passenger
5. The Whisperer
6. To Whom It May Concern
7. Above The Rest
8. The Red Condition
9. Servant’s Poem
10. Thou Walk Eternal
Andrea Spinelli– Vocals
Alessandro Castelli – Guitar
Maurizio Villeato - Bass
Federico Maragoni - Drums
Record Label: Bakerteam Records


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