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Adimiron - Timelapse

by YngwieViking at 07 November 2014, 1:56 PM

The Extreme Avant-Garde of Progressive Metallers ADIMIRON from Italy, have just released their fourth album "Timelapse”, after ten years of activities their new opus dressed with an elegant but strange black cover is spreading in the streets and on the world wide web via Scarlet Records and their own Bandcamp page and my difficult task is to provide a deep analysis in order to rate this work.

The Djent/Prog/MathCore genre is on the rise and quite popular, but the market is already saturated, if I’m glad of the fact that ADIMIRON is focused to a very original style, with a unique vision in their own brand. This heterogenic merging of ingredients borrowed to Post-Death, Emo and Techno-Thrash ingredients -should i say Enigmatic ProgCore ? Is it a double edge sword… Well, it’s also true that the similarities with BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME or TOOL are obvious, i’m worried more about the lack of interest for such a demanding musical affair… Indeed, “Timelapse” is 43 minutes of a complex musical rollercoaster along with a bunch of talented musicians, the extravaganza of sonic textures are in a constant evolution, an ever changing dynamic between the antagonist moods both in the rythmic parts with some impressive odd patterns and also a lot of surprise in the harmonies of the downtuned themes.

The sonic design is interesting, giving a fresh angle but the mix  is also very intriguing in some of the versatile weird singing parts by Andrea Spinelli, ranging from hysterical growls to ethereal whispering synthetic croon à la CYNIC, even if this systematic contradictory vocal tricks objectively, it is not creative or surprising anymore in the Modern Metal panorama!

The weakpoint of the whole recording is here, precisely in the softest style of singing with a lack of consistency, an introspective mode that is weakened in determination and bite, maybe a little too polite or at least too polished and clearly lost in the midst of the genre!

This is a major obstacle for me as it really misses the necessary implication of their frontman in their Metal… The music critique thing  is both thrilling and exciting yet it’s also a dirty job, and I hate to be picky in my analysis… whilst at the same time, creating music is much more difficult, and for an artist, it requires an incredible amount of efforts with a excessive mix of talent and dedication. I started to understand that I have to honor this work, in giving my impartial advice to this specific creation even if I don't subscribe totally to this “Timelapse” as a whole… I learned in the course of the numerous listening sessions, that i had to update my vision with this recording, to accept and enjoying the aesthetic concept for what is it!

Nevertheless, some individual tracks like the opening “Collateral” and its attractive oriental melody, the furious riffage of “The Burning of Methuselah”, the single “Redemption”and the closing number “Ayahuasca” are rewarding and worth your time trying to capture its essence. If you are searching for some diversity, a skilled level and an adventurous spirit for your Contemporary Metal fix, this CD is recommended for the open-minded fans and all the Metal omnivoracious.

3 Star Rating

1. Collateral
2. State of Persistence
3. The Giant and The Cow
4. Timelapse
5. Liar’s Paradox
6. The  Burning of Methuselah
7. Redemption
8. The Furnace Creek
9. Ayahuasca
Andrea Spinelli – Lead Vocals
Maurizio Villeato  - Bass
Federico Maragoni - Drums
Alessandro Castelli - Guitars
Tommy Aurizzi - Guitars
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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