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Adimiron - Burning Souls (CD)

Burning Souls
by Grigoris Chronis at 04 April 2005, 5:23 AM

It's a little bit weird to write a review for a completely unknown band. I mean, you have a general idea for a band you already (at least) just know. I hoped Adimiron would put my ass out of this difficult position. Hmmm… Italy offers peculiar bands sometimes and the band's promo CD doesn't even feature the album's tracklisting. Funny stuff…
When Death Metal met Black Metal and hanged out for a beer (or a sacrifice), while Thrash Metal was already sitting in the next seat: the previous sentence summarizes what you'll have the chance to hear. Do you like Dissection? Dimmu Borgir maybe? A little bit of Cradle Of Filth? The Haunted? At The Gates? Morbid Angel, too? Well, that's the good and the bad thing with this Italian quartet. The guys are well-skilled musicians, no doubt 'bout that. Their seven compositions (after the interesting Delirium Tremehens prelude - yeap, we found the tracklisting!) are obviously well-worked, since the band falls into the usual trap of the who am I copying right now? dilemma.
There's melody, there are blastbeats, there are growls, there are - thank God - no female vocals, there is… there are… blah blah blah…Still, there's no personal mark here. I mean NO personal mark. With a demo and a mini CD already, I expected something more own. The production is in good level, revealing the musicians' abilities but the problem's not there…
I'm really looking forward to the band's next step. Suffering Voices is a song I'll definitely hear again; still I hope I'll remember more Adimiron songs during their next release. It's just the DIY (Do It Yourself) path you have to follow…

2 Star Rating

Delirium Tremehens
New Day Denied
Cold Anxiety
Forgotten Memories
Suffering Voices
Obsessive Insanity
Endless Worlds
Unexpected Life
Alessandro Castelli - Guitars
Leonardo Gioia - Vocals
Davide Corliano' - Bass Guitar
Davide Carutenuto - Drums
Record Label: Karmageddon Media


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