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Adorned Brood - Kuningaz

Adorned Brood
by Dorothy Cheng at 07 January 2013, 1:27 PM

ADORNED BROOD’s latest release “Kuningaz” has met some criticism that bemoaned how the band is not doing anything new. However, I have to admit, I actually like this latest effort. It was a ride. I was entertained and amused despite having never been much of a listener of Folk Metal, and throughout the process, I sat dumbstruck at my table, staring at my computer, comprehending the pleasantly strange ways of Folk Metal.

The flute work was a definite high for the album. Flutist Anne should definitely be put on a pedestal for her excellent execution of all the flute solos. So castle-ly and minstrel-ly were her tunes that I was truly convinced that this band takes their Pagan / Folk shit really seriously.

Being a Sci-Fi/Fantasy book nerd, this album understandably appeals to my fantastical mind. I often drifted while listening to “Kuningaz”, falling again to the ways of my digressive mind that chose to poison itself with lame fantasies of Viking warriors on voyages who saved princesses and killed dragons and escaped on a spaceship. Wait, what?

The vocal work was impressive in the sense that Markus ‘Teutobot’ Frost had utilized inexplicably catchy cadences and implemented them in equally catchy choruses. The screaming was powerful and skillful and the other instruments were great too, but there was nothing new musically to be heard.

They are certainly talented musicians, but it has to be said that ADORNED BROOD didn’t really bring anything new to the table and certain tracks were even forgettable. Understandably, not every album is a groundbreaker, and ADORNED BROOD has been around for a decade, being one of the pioneering bands of Folk Metal. However, and I repeat again, I personally enjoyed it immensely. Their tracks may be typical, and maybe it’s my lack of exposure to Folk Metal, but there was something about “Kuningaz” that really satisfied my roaming mind with its warrior-like, brawny-feeling, ale and mead intoxicated music captivating my interest. It was a cathartic experience that was nerdgasm-inducing.

Did I emphasize enough yet that this album is a testosterone-filled Viking ride? Sword-wielders and Armor-brandishing self-acclaimed knights will view this album as another one in a pile of Folk Metal releases. But I see it as quite a guilty pleasure. Overall, it’s not an amazing new release, but I believe there will be individuals out there that will connect massively with this album. Perhaps ADORNED BROOD should consider contributing to movie soundtracks one day, maybe even be in charge of the entire score. I bet that’s a movie I’d catch.

P.S. the limited digipack contains one bonus track, “Totenmarsch 2012”.

3 Star Rating

1. Einkehn
2. Kuningaz
3. Call of the Wild
4. Victory or Valhall
5. Hugin
6. Men!
7. Kreuzeslast
8. Just a Fight
9. Munin
10. A War Poem
11. We Are Legion
Markus ‘Teutobot’ Frost – Vocals, Bass
Jan Johnson – Guitars
Thorsten Derks - Guitars
Anne – Flute
Niklas Enns – Keyboards
Mischa – Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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