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Adramelch - Lights From Oblivion

Lights From Oblivion
by Eric “Carnegie” Hall at 26 April 2012, 8:41 PM

Well, here we go again. This is going to be another one of those reviews where I take an unenthused dump on an album. Yeah, I’m sorry. But I can’t bullshit about what I think. Maybe that’s because I’m a miserable cunt with a vendetta against the world and a beard. Whatever. And rather than review in the traditional sense, I’ve decided to take an artistic choice and review “Lights From Oblivion” in limerick form.

Progressive is a term for Metal
That’s complexity never settles
But it’s a double-edge sword
Because it may make you bored
They can’t seem to put foot on the pedal
The music is good enough
But it certainly isn’t tough
The riffs are not easy
But definitively cheesy
And the vocals are not at all rough

It’s a cheery and poppy CD
The songs are just too happy
But I don’t want that feeling
I’d prefer “Spiritual Healing”
That’s an album to make you uneasy

The music itself ain’t atrocious
But it’s a tad too precocious
By that what I’m saying
Is the music their playing
Is pie that’s been covered in wolf shit

I guess it’s a toss of the coin
Whether or not I’m annoyed
But I was not blown away
By this album, to say
So I only can give it 6 points
I hope that was clear enough. For those who need more clarity, all I can tell you is that album just sounds like a Progressive Pop Rock Opera, and that is simply not what I want to hear. It works well enough, and I like Progressive music, but this album is just boring, and too upbeat on some parts. 

3 Star Rating

1. Lights
2. Aelegia
3. Islands of Madness
4. Truth Lies…
5. Wonderful Magician
6. Beyond a Lifetime
7. Tides of My Soul
8. Chiaroscuro
9. King (of the Rain Tomorrow)
10. Pain after Pain
11. We March, We Fail
12. Oblivion
Vittorio Ballerio– Vocals
Gianluca A. Corona– Guitars
Fabio Troiani– Guitars
Maurizio “Mau” Lietti– Bass
Sigfrido Percich– Drums 
Record Label: Pure Prog Records


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