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Adrenaline Mob - Coverta Award winner

Adrenaline Mob
by YngwieViking at 01 April 2013, 5:20 PM

When some of your favorites musicians are impeccably performing some of your all-time favorites songs with respect and dedication, what are you supposed to do? When your beloved makes you a great dinner, with your special meal and when it ends with a little pampering, what are you supposed to do? Well, on both case normally, you enjoy it and take full advantage, maybe you want to relax and very soon you want / need to start again, and that’s exactly what “Covertà” it's all about, a delicious moment that you'll want experiment again & again.

ADRENALINE MOB released last year a fantastic album ”Omertà” with a very difficult goal: showing to the incredulous world that they have much more to offer than only a second knife project, a cursed spin-off / super-group related with SYMPHONY X / DREAM THEATER / DISTURBED / AX7. Their unique personality is stunning, and set in a modern style between Power Metal and the New Wave of American Metal, so there is something for everyone here.

This band is an incredibly dangerous outfit, with a real identity and a solid & tangible sound, composed by an ultra-talented gang of musicians and most of all: One of the best singer, if not the best still in action, once again, Sir Russell Allen is stellar both in his easy shuffling vocal execution but also in the amazing spirit injected in the most natural manner. Obviously the SYMPHONY X frontman steals the show and overshadows easily everyone else by his strong temper, his genuine feeling and his undeniable focus that leads to an uplifted magic vocal delivery. Russell Allen is already a living legend. We all know, without any shadow a doubt that the other players are hyper skilled  too, but they have also great tastes in Metal, the steel doctrine is considerably worshiped here is their coherent choices for this flawless tribute EP.
The BADLANDS song is a very unexpected track, and this gifted rendition is the first good surprise, with Allen that provide all his best to honor the memory of the great Ray Gillen (R.I.P.). Honestly the finest start for this overwhelming album. The ideal triptych composed by the BLACK SABBATH / DIO / RAINBOW tracks is impressive and also the perfect homage item to make the ultimate tribute for honoring the late Ronnie James Dio in one sincere and heartfelt testimonial. Surprisingly the “Barracuda” testosterone version of the HEART track, is one the real highlight of the whole disc, even enhanced by an heavier mood, the divine melody is still working perfectly.

Another good surprise is both VAN HALEN‘s “Romeo Delight” out of  “Women And Children First” and “Lemon Song” originally recorded by LED ZEPPELIN, with this time some dogmatic and very faithful interpretations with fat guitar input by Shred six string maestro Mike Orlando (his “Sonic Stomp” part 1 & 2 are warmly recommended). Only a tiny low point is with THE DOORS “Break on Through”’s performance who is well played, but it’s personal, I can’t stand that band. And even if Jim Morrison was a mythical character of Rock N’ Roll history, this cut is for me the weakest link in this however amazing tribute disc.

I think you have clearly gotten my point by now, it’s a bloody fantastic job that embellished with energy and talent those legendary songs in the pure Metallic orthodoxy. The best palliative or at least, the most honorable way in order to wait patiently until their new album. So here is my advice: Life is too damn short, enjoy the marvelous things as much as you can. Carpe Diem!

4 Star Rating

1. Highwire
2. Kill The King
3. Lemon Song
4. Stand Up And Shout
5. Barracuda
6. Break on Through
7. Romeo's Delight
John Moyer – Bass / Backing Vocals
Mike Orlando – Lead Guitar
Mike Portnoy – Drums / Backing Vocals
Russell Allen – Lead Vocals
Record Label: Elm City Music


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