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Adrenaline Mob - Omertà Award winner

Adrenaline Mob
by YngwieViking at 12 April 2012, 6:29 PM

I was waiting this CD with more excitation than anguish; the few excerpts revealed in late 2011 were good but not exceptional… The concept was like a wet dream for me, as I’m big fan of each and every member of this “theoretic perfect team”… I don't have to remind the illustrious career-facts of the recording line-up… Let's say that the less known player, Mike Orlando released 2 very good instrumental album ("Sonic Stomp 1 & 2"…Reissued as a bundle in Japan in 2011) where he lays down his abundant skills and established himself as a prime Shredder but in a different direction than your regular guitar-hero. No Neoclassic chops here, rather a more organic riffing & Rockin' fast picking than anything else! Every track is adorned with a short but intense an mind-blowing virtuosic solo!

"Undaunted" this track can be described as DISTURBED meet DAMAGE PLAN… The riff is simple but quite efficient and the staccato vocal line is typical, Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X / ALLEN LANDE) is as always perfect and better than any vocalist in this style. Nuff said! "Psychosane" brings to the table a more Melodic Metal chorus, but the guitar is sharp and the drums by the mighty Mike Portnoy (ex-DREAM THEATER / A7X / FLYING COLORS / TRANSATLANTIC) are still devastating… Russell screams the hell out of his chest. "Indifferent" is the hit of the album and it sounds like AVENGED SEVENFOLD mixed with late SKID ROWMike Orlando is on fire here! I think the chorus is a very catchy… Terrific!!! "All On The Line" starts as a power-ballad in the pure 80s tradition but updated: you know what? That's exactly what is it!! "Hit The Wall" was already in the early EP, I don't think it's the best display for the band… But let's face it some guys could kill to have such track in their album! "Feelin' Me" is another regular Modern Metal Headbangin' once again beautifully enlightened by an exceptional vocalist!

"Come Undone" is a cover song… Originally recorded by DURAN DURAN… unexpected… more unexpected it's a duet with rising underground star Miss Lizzy Hale from HALESTORM… It could be the next big opportunity for this band to breaks in the US radios! "Believe Me" is a neck killer… a Red neck killer???… Not really inventive but groovy and relentless… Another early track reworked! "Down to the Floor" was my fave track in the EP… let's say BLS / PANTERA / FIGHT kind of wild riffages! "Angel Sky" this softer track could have been in Allen's "Atomic Soul" solo album, very usual and characteristic of Russell's singing: this the perfect showcase for his immense capacities. "Freight Train" is the closing track… I know / we all know the gimmick now, the closing track must be explosive… It's a straight simple in your face double kick dynamite track.

Now I heard some folks this way and elsewhere talking about the so-called low quality & opportunistic songwriting… Be realistic those guys are the cream of the cream… And they proved it once again here.

4 Star Rating

1. Undaunted
2. Psychosane
3. Indifferent
4. All on the Line
5. Hit the Wall
6. Feelin' Me
7. Come Undone
8. Believe Me
9. Down to the Floor
10. Angel Sky
11. Freight Train
Russell Allen- Lead Vocals
Michael Orlando- Lead Guitar / Bass
Mike Portnoy- Drums
Record Label: Capitol Records


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Edited 02 December 2022

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