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Adrenaline Mob – We The People

Adrenaline Mob
We The People
by Jess at 10 July 2017, 3:39 PM

For a relatively short-ish career, ADRENALINE MOB has had some pretty big setbacks. Born in the United States, they released their debut album in 2012. This album received high acclaim from many sources. While touring for the first album the band parted ways with their first drummer due to scheduling conflicts. Then they were in a horrible accident while on tour with A7X and HELL YEA. Then, their longtime friend and new drummer AJ Pero had a fatal heart attack while touring with DROWNING POOL. After all that, it was time for a break, to clear their minds. After a bit of a break the guys got back together releasing EP “Dearly Departed”. They have now released their junior effort “We The People”. This album comes in with thirteen tracks and a listening time of just over an hour. Guessing by the name, this will be a political statement piece.

The opening track “King of the Ring” comes in with an interesting radio noise. The vocals are harsh, but still very ‘radio friendly’. They are more of a Hard Rock feel and fit perfectly in with their tour mates DROWNING POOL and A7X. The cleaner, sung vocals are also a nicely added touch. The bass is thick and heavy, there’s some nice groove in the guitars and there are decent rhythm changes completed by the drums. While not incredibly technical, they are very good.

Track two and the title track “We the People” comes in with deep guitars that quickly turn in some rhythm. The bass is chunky and well played. Good bass is good bass, and this is good bass. The drums are good, but with the power of the track, feel a bit underwhelming. Towards the last two minutes of the track, there is some really good guitar work and sliding love presented. However, the lyrical content was what instantly caught my attention. The lyrics are taking a stand on how so many people feel about government, regardless of nationality (although, given the name, I assume it is geared toward North America).

“Chasing Dragons”, track five, is a bit softer. Not as soft as track four and not a ballad, but still, soft. The guitars feel generic. Technically, they are good, they just feel used. The solo does give the guitars a bit of originality, though. The drums actually take a faster tempo here, which is nice to hear versus what we’ve been given so far. The bass is good and holds the track together well. This is a bit of a Southern Rock meets Hard Rock mix. The vocals give the track that bit of southern flare as they are raspy and gritty, yet clean.

Track eight, “Raise ‘Em Up”, comes out the gate with your classic Heavy Rock sound. This track is the album’s anthem track. Many acts that base their music on American politics has that one anthem track. The guitars are great here. He is clearly very talented and this track expresses that. The drums are anthem-y. You know the march meets protest? The bass is there, but just barely. They seem less noticeable this time around.

Lords of Thunder”, track twelve, starts off with a little plucked piece and a bit of orchestral back ground. “Lords of Thunder” is an Epic piece. Something that is reminiscent of a fantasy battle. Until… just under two minutes in. Then it abruptly changes to ADRENALINE MOB’s classic Hard Rock feel. It was kind of a bummer. While it does show a level of talent, keeping something so off from the rest of the album would have been a neat feat.

The final track, “Rebel Yell”, comes in with a bit of Alternative feel. It also reminds me of the 80’s track “Rebel Yell” by Bill Idol- oh because it is. This is actually a really good remake. It’s much harder and harsh than the original, but it really is kick ass. The guitars are perfect. They really give the track its original feel, but also its remake glory. A+ work on this one.

We the People” by ADRENALIN MOB is a decent Hard Rock album. The star of the album are the guitars. While the rest is good, the guitar is what kicks this album up a notch, or two. On the Hard Rock level, it is good and it’s almost completely radio ready. If you’re looking for a Hard Rock with different element influencers, this album may be for you.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. King of the Ring
2. We the People
3. The Killer’s Inside
4. Bleeding Hands
5. Chasing Dragons
6. Til the Head Explodes
7. What You’re Made Of
8. Raise ‘Em Up
9. Ignorance & Greed
10. Blind Leading the Blind
11. Violent State of Mind
12. Lords of Thunder
13. Rebel Yell
Russell Allen - Lead Vocals
Mike Orlando – Guitar and Vocals
Jordan Cannata - Drums
David Z - Bass
Record Label: Century Media Records


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