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Advent of Fire - Verikaste Award winner

Advent of Fire - Verikaste
by JOGANEGAR at 24 April 2022, 7:39 AM

I have to confess I have always been a fan of how things sound in Suomi, the mother tongue of the many generations that have lived in Finland even before this unique patch of land, was even called that way. Ever since I can recall from listening to a whole track interpreted in this language by NIGHTWISH to Folk Metal and power metal bands that have used it as its main way of expression since the rhythmic sounds and unique metrics  that can be achieved are really without any equal in any genre that finds it suitable for it, and Death Metal of course, is not an exception. So have the Finnish band ADVENT OF FIRE done, after choosing their mother tongue to originate their Debut album “Verikaste” a nine track record with an outstanding production and the right amount of musical amalgam and young boldness to denominate themselves as melodic Death Metal. The title itself is an homage to how bizarre and unique this language is to those of us who are not accustomed to its sound and characteristics:

Verikaste, according to the google translator, (since I’m sorry to say i don’t count with any Finnish speakers amongst mi acquaintances) is a word that can be translated as a blood sauce and also the second and actual first song of this album, since Alku, the actual first track of this debut album, which ironically translates (according to google) as Initial,  is mostly a setting song which works as a time machine or a multidimensional portal to transport the listener to a world that exists only within the borders of this album and commences with the song that gives a name to the album and an interpretation of the art cover and the red landscape in the water of the red lake that rests with multiple victims floating under a red sky in which the trip of Verikaste begins.

Referenced throughout its biography as a cover band that decided to write their own material and jump from Black to Death Metal, ADVENT OF FIRE provide the world of Metal with a new name that posses a well defined style of its own with an outstanding approach to the visual part of their music which is nothing but adequate to the vibrations created by their instruments and the voice of Iisakki Anttila, a veteran in the Melodic Death Metal scene in Finland and a driving force between the efforts of ADVENT OF FIRE. According to their latest news, ADVENT OF FIRE has been a victim of this 3-year pandemic just as thousands of bands and millions of fans worldwide and hope to be back in the stages all throughout the world to put this debut album to the test and to show how horrific a show where actual blood is used in order to shape the horror of the audience both in an aural and visual way.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Alku
2. Verikaste
3. Pelkkää Vihaa
4. Petos
5. Koston Päivä
6. Teuras
7. Ruhonsyöjä
8. Saalis
9. Varjoni
Miika Rajala – Guitars
Iisakki Anttila - Vocals
Juho Tarkkanen - Bass
Tuomo Tuppi - Guitars
Lauri Rätti  - Drums
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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Edited 02 December 2022

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