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Advermix - Pandeathmic

by Garrett Davis at 13 October 2016, 4:40 PM

ADVERMIX is old school Thrash Metal in the modern day; made by some guys from Murcia, Spain. While these guys have been active since 2006, they are mostly very well known in the underground Spanish Metal scene. They have released some EPs in the past but this is their first foray into a full-length album. While not as grim or bloody as other genres like Black or Death Metal, ADVERMIX still offers a ferocity and rhythm that energises the entire album. The strong rhythms and flow of the music keep it from being as overwhelmingly brutal as some would like, but I think this also allows the Thrash elements and smoothness to come through, bringing the speed to the forefront.

The opening tracks "Born of Chaos" a minute long intro that slowly builds up to "Messenger of Death", which in turn brings speed and harshness. A velvety rhythm flows through the undercurrent, bringing a sense of order to the chaos. A quiet baseline leads us into "The Power of the Perfect Baseline", which features harsh, gritty vocals, and the occasional echoing wails; this track is a powerhouse of variety. Some tracks have an ethereal tone to them - taking "Panje" for example - which set them apart and make a major change in the dynamic.

"Manhate Philosophy" has a Sludge Metal tone that makes it both mellow and powerful. It has a precision to it that takes the hard hits and makes them feel bone-crunching; because every note hits its mark, taking its time but also making absolutely sure it doesn't pull any punches. "Inside the Wall" brings out more grinding, crunching vocals that fit its harsher sound and bring more severity to it.

If I had to find any fault with this album, it would be the fact that the more melodic bits slow the pace down on what is otherwise a fast-paced Thrash Metal album. If they could do a better job at blending the technical, melodic aspects of their style with a quicker pace, they would be a real powerhouse; and I worry that this change of pace could turn off people who are looking for pure Thrash; I personally enjoy a variety in speed and sound, but some may see this as a loss in cohesion. Either way, there is a little bit of both here, and it is very enjoyable, so I hope you will give "Pandeathmic" a listen soon.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

  1. Born of Chaos
  2. Messenger of Death
  3. The Power of the Perfect Line
  4. Panje
  5. Manhate Philosophy
  6. Inside the Wall
  7. We Fall
  8. In Thrash We Trust
  9. Pandeathmic
Bart – Bass
Juanfran – Drums
Juan – Guitars
Carlos – Guitars
Miguel - Vocals
Record Label: Born of Chaos Records


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