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Adversam - Proclama (CD)

by Eirini Papadopoulou at 07 October 2008, 10:45 PM

Torino blacksters ADVERSAM were created in 1995. After some lineup changes they released their demon with the title The Black Diamond Gates through Pagan Moon Records. In 1998, Adversam play as opening act in IMMORTAL's  Blizzard Beasts tour. In 1999 the band releases its studio album called Animadverte, produced by Pagan Moon Records and Scarlet. The CD is being distributed by SPV and Audioglobe and the promotion is being done by the band itself. They later on play live in some festivals and in 2006 the band finishes the recordings of their second full-length album. In 2007 ADVERSAM sign a contract with Bloodred Horizon Records and they release Proclama in 2008.
Eight years since their last release, ADVERSAM strike back with this powerful new album consisted of 9 songs full of Black Metal fury and aggressiveness. Proclama is a symphonic Black Metal album with good production. Throughout the album, keyboards are used to convey an atmospheric feeling but they are not the main element of the compositions. In general, the tempo remains on high registers and there are lots of fast drumming, furious guitar riffs and blast beats.
Alter Ego shows that he knows how he uses his voice, from growls to clean vocals and shouting and gives a different touch to each piece by adapting his vocals to the character of each song. In parts  Alter Ego's use of clean vocals reminds of the pattern that DIMMU BORGIR use with Vortex's clean lyrics; especially in the first song of the album, Proclama, Alter Ego's timbre is very similar in the recitation. In Kamalie the tempo alternates from slow to really fast and it is different in comparison with the other songs of the album, in which it seems that the pace is always faster.
ADVERSAM show that they are skilled musicians but innovation lacks throughout the album. The songs have a certain similarity to each other. Although I haven't heard any previous release from the band, I believe that they could be more original as the album - in whole - is a good production with good ideas and the band has a true potential . So, Proclama would have been much more interesting if they weren't stuck only to high speed aggressiveness.

3 Star Rating

The Conqueror Worm
Little Death
Death Wants More Death
Unfairy Tales
Warped Fate
Alter Ego - Voice, Bass
Tiorad - Guitars
Asterion - Guitars
Essyllt - Keys, Synthesizers
Summum Algor - Drums
Record Label: Bloodred Horizon Records


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