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Adversary - Singularity (CD)

by Josh West at 19 February 2009, 4:14 PM

ADVERSARY have arrived on the scene with their debut album Singularity, being released on the Trustkill label, and let me tell you this right now: it is one hell of a debut album!
The album features everything you could possibly want from a Metal album and without a doubt shows that this 5-piece Metal band from Virginia has not only spent a lot of time perfecting their sound but have created something that is familiar yet individual and original at the same time.
From the intense opening track Hedonist to the closer Wisdom In Regret, the album doesn't stop its relentless attack on your senses. The guitar duo provides a range of impressive shredding and crushing riffs. The riffs will literally slay you as you listen and this is especially evident on the instrumental track Ashes Of Faith, which provides nothing short of an epic experience. These two guitarists' really impress with their overall skill and make this debut album shift away from the crowd.
The vocal work from William Clapp is a highlight as well, coming at you with a huge amount of raw sonic power; his crushing screams and growls with threaten to rip off your face while the melodic side to his vocals will lull you into a false sense of security with some clever vocal hooks before the next onslaught. While I'm not a huge fan of the melodic side to the vocals it defiantly fits the sound the band has created. For every time you go to compare ADVERSARY to a similar sounding band the vocal line takes another interesting twist leaving you in bewilderment as to where it will venture next.
It is the complex arrangements, shifting between intense riffs that sound like they belong in a Thrash outfit and guitar harmonies that make this sound fresh. The bass and drums destroy your senses throughout as you would expect. At times the sound  can sound a little chaotic, with the complex arrangements and various goings-on, not coming together as seamlessly as the band would hope but this is a small problem and one that will be ironed out as the band gains more and more experience in writing and playing.
ADVERSARY provide a listening experience with Singularity that can be exhausting at times as the energy doesn't drop, not even for a second, but every second you invest in listening to this debut album you know you are investing time in a band that not only has a chance to rise to the top but the ability to cripple their rivals and the veterans of the genre. This is the band to watch in the coming years!

4 Star Rating

The Grand Mistake
In Vito Veritas
Manifest Humility
By Apathy Undone
Ashes Of Faith
Dying Art
The Romance Of Lies
Wisdom In Regret
Record Label: Trustkill


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