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Adversor - Rise to Survive

Rise To Survive
by Michael Bischoff at 09 February 2017, 8:06 PM

Founded in September 2015, ADVERSOR who hail from Vicenza / Verona in Italy wasted no time in getting together enough songs to be released as a demo which got them a deal with Punishment 18 Records who subsequently released the band’s first full length album entitled Rise to Survive. The fact that the band formed not too long ago just to put out an album a year or so later shows their enthusiasm and hold no bars attitude. What the band lacks somewhat in originality they sure as hell manage to make up with boundless energy and raw aggression, making the songs catchy yet brutal at the same time.

Starting off with a short acoustic riff, the first song ‘’Echos from the Uprising’’ starts off with a slow power riff interrupted by a short bass break before speeding up again, the song turning into an introductory track that leads straight into the second and first proper album song ‘’The Triumph of Terror’’. A song that wastes no time with pounding in your face thrash riffing somewhat reminiscent of Suicidal Angels, like the intro there is another short bass break before the lead kicks in before reverting back to the pounding rhythm of the beginning of the song.

Third song ‘’Envenomed’’ which is, as it happens also one of the songs the band have already shot a video for, starts off similarly to the previous song before moving into a slower riff that brings a bit of diversity to the song before leading into a faster section accentuated by an interesting  melody that suits the song extremely well.

Fourth song and album title track ‘’Fight To Survive’’ is another solid song with a good drive and an infectious groove, the song itself becoming more and more interesting the more it progresses, switching from fast Thrash to more of a hardcore mid-tempo groove that allows the band’s well placed gang shouts to come to the fore making this song a good mosh pit, fists in the air banger, towards the end the song forgoing a guitar riff, reduced simply to the bass and the vocals which sounds cool as fuck.

Whereas the fourth song felt like a mix between Sepultura during their Beneath the Remains era and the first Suicidal Angels album the fifth song Abandoned in hell….farewell sounds like a song that could have been lifted straight off Slayers Seasons in the Abyss album, especially the beginning of the song very reminiscent of that album’s title track. When a short solo kicks in the band bring to mind Voivod mixed with Motorhead which is not a bad combination.

Overall this is a more than solid first album, if they manage to perhaps get a somewhat more original sound next time around and perhaps work out some of the kinks in their song writing then they have a promising future ahead of them. Fans of early Sepultura, Suicidal Angels with a touch of Voivod and Slayer will have their fun with this album. A more than solid first album by these young Italians and a worthy 8 out of 10!!!

Songwriting: 8/10
Originality: 8/10
Memorability: 8/10
Production: 8/10

4 Star Rating

1.  Echoes From The Uprising
2.  The Triumph Of Terror
3.  Envenomed
4.  Rise To Survive
5.  Abandoned In Hell…Farewell!!
6.  Beware Of Soothsayer
7.  Abhor War Crimes
8.  Final Call
9.  Event Horizon 
Dado - Vocals / Guitar
Jacopo Cardi - Drums
Aurora Merci - Lead Guitar
Emanuele Alimonti - Bass
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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