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Adversvm – Dysangelion

by Will Travers at 11 January 2020, 10:17 PM

Germany is renowned for its ability to produce top class Metal acts that span all the different genres. POWERWOLF, KREATOR, and of course RAMMSTEIN are all well-known and respected bands from the European powerhouse. But what about new bands? Pioneering their way into the aural delights of fans of, shall we say, Doom Metal? Well, look no further, following their impressive debut album, we have the return of ADVERSVM and it is everything that we would expect it to be, and more.

Created in 2015, the young group has managed to make a name for themselves on the Doom scene. With their songs dominated by dense chords, that create a feeling of despair. They seem to have nailed the sound for their genre. The German 5-piece band have taken Doom Metal and pushed through their idea of Funeral Doom, and for those who aren’t aware, this seems to be the prior, on steroids… having a particularly bad day.

Now. The album its self, portrays the style ADVERSVM are after perfectly with its artwork. With dark, demonic specters surrounding what I can only describe to look like the Antichrist. Well if you were looking for an album that screams Heavy Metal then you will find it here.

"Icon O" opens this distressing journey through the album for us. With what sounds like industrial machinery coupled with some static or white noise, it sets the perfect scene for the rest of the album.

Now the majority of these songs are well over the 7-minute mark. With "Paradigms Beneath The Malefactor" rounding out at just shy of 12 minutes. None of these tracks are sprints, but definitely marathons, and it pays off. During "Paradigms Beneath The Malefactor" the slow steady riff and drum beat really make you feel like you are trudging along. Close your eyes and imagine it. Deep midwinter, dark overcast storm clouds looming over you as you slowly move toward your ultimate doom. Now tell me that doesn’t fit with the music?

By the time we have reached the pseudo interim in the form of "Morti Debetus" we have been subjected to roughly 30 minutes of dense, heavy music. And we are definitely enjoying this journey. The break that this track offers is welcome, but it still keeps in line with the distressing theme that seems to encompass "Dysangelion" as a whole, strange voices are whispering to you, ominous noises and long drawn out notes are all present to create that feeling of unease, expertly done I might add.

Next, I would bring your attention to "Haghios Apocalypsis". This has stayed true to the rest of the album, but (there’s always a but isn’t there!) it offers something I just absolutely adore. Towards the middle/end we come across an impeccable clean guitar run that I am yet to find in all the other songs combined. This is accompanied by some sublime skill on the drums, I have to admit I am a sucker for some straight quarter/eighths on the bass drum, I think it just adds some depth to an already well-polished performance. Check it out and see if you agree.

Finally, we see the album out with "Solar Doom". Now, this is a song devoid of a vocal track… Or much else to be honest with you. There is a sustained sense of dread created by dissonant noises throughout. Again, it sorts of paints a picture, to me, in my mind of a scene following a thermonuclear detonation. In fact, the track even ends with all the noises blending into a distortion that just serves to reinforce this image.

Overall, I would have to say that this again a very strong offering to the Metal community and that scientists are wrong. Osmium is not the heaviest metal on earth. It’s ADVERSVM. If "Dysangelion" or in fact, "Aion Sitra Ahra" have been anything to go off. Then I feel that the torch for Doom Metal is in good hands, watch this space people as the genre continues to develop and grow, I believe we will see ADVERSVM at the helm.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Icon O
2. Encomium To Dies Irae
3. Fire Tongues Sermon
4. Paradigms Beneath The Malefactor
5. Morti Debetus
6. On The Eucharist It Shines
7. Haghios Apocalypsis
8. Solar Doom
Record Label: Moribund Records


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