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Aegirson - Sons Of Etheria

Sons Of Etheria
by Harry Papadopoulos at 29 March 2010, 12:03 PM

AEGIRSON is a band, originating from France, that I didn’t even had a clue they exist! I can’t even recall if I asked about this promo CD or not. But since it is in my hands, I have two write a few lines about their second release, “Sons Of Etheria”.

Formed in 1996, they have released a demo CD and in 2000 a self-released EP called “Dark Chapters”. In 2004 their first full length concept album “Requiem Tenebrae” was out. During those 13 years the band had some lineup changes and now the time has home for “Sons Of Etheria” to see the light.

This album has its cons and pros. The songwriting is good in some tracks, for example in “Stranger In Myself” and “De Profundis”, but in some others you can spot the lack of inspiration like e.g. in “Coeur Battant”, a pop song that has nothing to do with the music you will find in the rest of the album. This may have something to do with the story, since I believe this is a concept album, but it doesn’t sound right. The harsh vocals sound weak and without energy most of the times. On the contrary, the clean vocals sound much nicer, with the exception of the female vocals in “Ruined Nation”, which I didn’t like. But maybe this has something to do with the production of the album. In an album where the band plays power Metal with some harsh vocals and one or two heavy riffs that leans to doom/gothic Metal, the production has to be crystal clear. Here the drums sound like saucepans and some of the ideas and the orchestration can’t be distinct.

“Sons Of Etheria” is not a bad album. It may have one of the worst covers I’ve ever seen, but the album is not that bad. It has some good ideas, like in “Stranger In Myself” and some of the pre-mentioned songs, but if you see it as a whole it’s nothing more than an average release. If they work hard and have much better production, they may achive something. But not with this album.

2 Star Rating

  1. Wistful
  2. Stranger In Myself
  3. Obscure Destiny
  4. She's The One
  5. Ruined Nation
  6. From The Deep
  7. Army Of The Deads
  8. We Won't Be Their Slaves
  9. Coeur Battant
  10. Soiled
  11. De Profundis
  12. We Say Goodbye
  13. L'inquisiteur (Bonus Track)
GEof - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Sab - Keyboards, Vocals
Claud - Lead Guitar
Jb - Bass
Bert - Drums

Guests :
Charlie - Vocals
Bam 2 - Harsh Vocals
Tommy - Guitar Solo
Record Label: Manitu/Thundering Records


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