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Aenimus - This Illusion

This Illusion
by Humberto Cervantes at 24 February 2014, 4:51 AM

ÆNIMUS is a Heavy / Thrash Metal band from Sweden. Unlike their more Traditional Metal oriented countrymen such as STEELWING, ENFORCER, KATANA, etc., ÆNIMUS fuses the traditional ways of 80’s Heavy Metal with Thrash elements with some pinches of Power (well, Anders Sevdin’s vocals sound more of the Power Metal direction at times) and the later edges of Speed Metal. “This Illusion” is a well mix of modern and classic Metal, which has also been done by USA’s HOLY GRAIL and UK’s DENDERA. There are no bad songs whatsoever, yet I can’t really deem this creation as perfect.

The Thrash elements can be heard mostly on the second track, “Seven Circles Of Hell”, in the beginning riff. “Purgatory’s Child” and “Boosted” are a well mix of Thrash and Speed Metal with Anders Sevdin’s Power Metal-esque vocals, which both have its unthrashy moments. Some tracks are not thrashy at all, but more of the fusion of classic Heavy and Power Metal stylings such as  “End Of Days”, “Death Song II”, “To Arms” and the title track with some Speed inducements thrown into it. “Better Not Wait” sounds like something that’s similar to SPLIT HEAVEN’s “The Devil’s Bandit” musically but without the double bass drumming swarming around. The last track, “Embryo / Children Of The Grave”, is a BLACK SABBATH cover of a gem classic. The guitar riff is done a bit differently compared to the original one. It’s good, but I honestly like the original better as nothing sounds better than the old feel of SABBATH.

In conclusion, this album is a very well mix of Heavy, Power, Thrash, and Speed Metal. I recommend it for anyone who is into all these Metal genres and of course of the open minded modern followers that wish to get a kick out of the early days of Metal music. 

4 Star Rating

1. Prelude
2. Seven Circles Of Hell
3. Purgatory
4. End Of Days
5. Boosted
6. Death Song II
7. Battle’s End
8. Sober Abuse
9. To Arms
10. Better Not Wait
11. This Illusion
12. Embryo / Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath Cover)
Christoffer Weidersjö - Drums
Fredrik Eriksson – Guitars
Anders Sevdin – Vocals, Bass
Jesper Mattsson - Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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