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Aeolian - Silent Witness

Silent Witness
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 19 July 2018, 11:21 AM

ÆOLIAN is a Metal band from Palma de Mallorca (Spain) which calls for the need to protect the environment through its lyrics. Its main musical influences range from Melodic Death Metal to Black Metal. ÆOLIAN started as a Raúl’s project in 2016. In 2017, with most of the music composed, Alberto, Dani and Gabi joined the band and with the collaboration of Santiago Gil, as a studio bassist, the band started the recording of its first album "Silent Witness," to be released September 12, 2018, on Snow Wave Records from Finland. The album contains twelve tracks.

“Immensity” is the opening track. Right out of the gate it has a unique sound. An impossibly long scream joins opposing passages of Melodic Death and Black Metal into a bastard child of the night. Melodies intertwine amidst the madness and really make for a memorable listening experience. “The End of Ice” has a weighted and aggressive opening riff, supporting the raging vocals. In addition to being absolutely punishing, it does not shy away from building layers of melody. “My Stripes in Madness” pushes the Metal boundaries even further, with some INSOMNIUM elements at times, and perhaps even some AMON AMARTH mixed in. The beauty of the song is that it takes unexpected directions that are always on the mark.

“Return of the Wolf King” opens with soft acoustical guitars before a plodding low riff slams in, crushing the skulls of the fallen. Again, there are wonderfully crafted melodies that are just subtle enough not to take over the aggressive sound, but support intelligent songwriting. “Elysium” is a concept of an afterlife reserved for Gods, the righteous and heroes alike. It’s a sacred place and the song paints a picture of strength, honor and integrity, through regal sounding guitar riffs and earnest vocals. “Wardens of the Sea” has a melodious entering riff that shifts in weight throughout the song, creating subsets of various passages that are melded together in thoughtful transitions. “The Awakening” is a quick 30 seconds, with the sounds of the wind over the sea, and ominous thunder in the background. The message is “when humanity forgets its role in this world, nature awakens, and the calm becomes the fury.” It segues into the aptly titled “Black Storm.” It’s over four minutes of fury but with arching melodies that spire into the clouds. It’s a perfect mash of that heavy edge that gets your blood pumping, and accessibility that hangs within your short reach.

“Witness” opens with some dexterous drumming and a raucous sound. It shifts back and forth with a slower, more somber passage and features a folky clean guitar interlude for additional diversity. Sometimes I hear some early IN FLAMES influence. “Oryx” closes the album. Vocalist Perez displays a wide variety of techniques in his delivery of the harsh vocals, and the music is filled with moments of awe inspiring beauty and punishing moments of brutality. Overall, this is a fantastic and fresh take on Melodic Death Metal with several supporting sub-genres melded within. I was just recently talking about how the genre is becoming somewhat stale, save for a few notable bands. Now, you can add ÆOLIAN to this list, as their debut “Silent Witness” is creative, thoughtful, unique and very well written. Don’t let this album slip by you when it is release later this summer.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Immensity
2. The End of Ice
3. Chimera
4. My Stripes in Madness
5. Return of the Wolf King
6. Going to Extinction
7. Elysium
8. Wardens of the Sea
9. The Awakening
10. Black Storm
11. Witness
12. Oryx
Daniel Perez – Vocals
Raúl Morán – Guitars
Gabi Escalas – Guitars
Toni Mainez – Bass
Alberto Barrientos – Drums
Record Label: Snow Wave Records


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