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Aeon – God Ends Here Award winner

God Ends Here
by Alex Barnard at 30 October 2021, 9:29 PM

AEON is a Death Metal five-piece hailing from Sweden. “God Ends Here” is the group’s fifth full length album, released by Metal Blade Records on October 15, 2021.

One thing that interested me in particular while I was listening to this album was that, for a Swedish band, AEON has taken their cues from the Tampa Bay Death Metal scene (side note: I remember the day I figured out the exact differences between Stockholm Death Metal and Tampa Bay Death Metal, and was very pleased with myself that day). Stockholm Death Metal sounds more like early METALLICA and MOTÖRHEAD with down-tuned, buzz-saw-like guitars and lyrics about death, whereas obviously Tampa Bay Death Metal is pretty much the defining sound of American Death Metal with its dissonant guitar lines, growled vocals and gory, frightening lyrics. Thus, AEON sounds less like ENTOMBED and more like MORBID ANGEL.

Of course, the musicianship here is incredibly tight. Tommy Dahlström’s voice sounds hellish and demonic (“Let It Burn”). Daniel Dlimi and Zeb Nilsson’s guitar riffage is superb, especially on songs like the title track and “Church of Horror.” Tony Östman’s bass rumbles and thunders underneath every track. And finally, Janne Jaloma’s drumming is head-spinning fast (“Severed”).

Other highlights from this album include “Liar's Den,” which is one hell of an album opener; “Just One Kill,” which features riffs that will make you dizzy; “Let the Torturing Begin,” which is the grooviest track on this album; and “Orpheus Indu Inferis,” which brilliantly showcases Dlimi and Nilsson’s orchestral and choral writings that are sprinkled all over the record.

Overall, “God Ends Here” shows AEON in fine form. The band has made it known that they are still as brutal as ever five albums deep. A truly memorable effort indeed, “God Ends Here” may prove to be a defining moment in AEON’s discography.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10
Musicianship: 10

5 Star Rating

1. The Nihilist
2. Liar's Den
3. Let It Burn
4. Orpheus Indu Inferis
5. Church of Horror
6. Deny Them Eternity
7. Forsaker
8. Into the Void
9. God Ends Here
10. Severed
11. Just One Kill
12. Mephistopheles
13. Let the Torturing Begin
14. Despise the Cross
15. Overture: Magnum Reginae
16. Queen of Lies
Zeb Nilsson – Guitars, Choir, Songwriting
Tommy Dahlström – Vocals, Lyrics
Daniel Dlimi – Guitars, Keyboards, Songwriting
Tony Östman – Bass
Janne Jaloma – Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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