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Aeonblack - Metal Bound

Metal Bound
by YngwieViking at 02 June 2015, 1:11 AM

In my daily insatiable hunger for new Metal sound, I’m trapped in a total frenzy, with an ever growing appetite for every form of Heavy music…Taking it to an unreasonable industrial level  (If I refer to some critical comments…But you know what? I don’t f…. care), Well, that’s simply the meaning of my life…My fate!

I also developed an interest for the Underground, with its myths, with its rules and its recurrent defective…AEONBLACK clearly belong to that Underground scene and its clearly symbolic and representative or emblematic of the still active and burgeoning faithful community of Head-bangers!

AEONBLACK represent this singularity with a pure and unadulterated spirit, that had grown between friends and music in our teenage days but that kept formatting us for the rest of our lives…AEONBLACK is F…. Heavy Metal and nothing else…The band started years ago under the strange name GROGGY ELKS, then it morphed little by little to once become 10 years after what you could have feel with your ear in the first full length album "Metal Bound"…Auto financed, self produced and entirely released by themselves under own initiative as the Underground processes requires it…An album made by some Metal fans for the aficionados of the genre! No tricks!!! Just Heavy Metal!
Of course, you get it easily now, with such description you shouldn't expect nothing original/extraordinary...Indeed the clichés, the gimmicks and some stereotypes, are displayed over and over again with a fierce determination, a blind confidence in the dogmatic ancient rules & precepts of the German Metal mode...A respectful concept in the timeless Head-banging Orthodoxy with as only target: the noble view of Heavy Metal with no shade of modernity...A well known protocol built with screaming high pitched vocals, galloping rhythmic and anthem like refrains (the speedy opener “New Reality” or “No One Knows”)!
Try to figure the early essence of PRIMAL FEAR (“This Is”) meets WIZARD meets IRON SAVIOR meets GAMMA RAY (“Where is God?”) meets MAJESTY (“Last Breath”) meets RUNNING WILD (“Coming Home”/”Dangerous”) and blend it twice then you’ll get a pretty clear picture of the sonic identity of “Metal Bound”!

AEON BLACK could may not be rewarded as the most subtle band on earth, but they provides me with success my mandatory fix of Heavy Metal fury, a vital dose in order to keep growing as an expert Metal Head titan, and in a more Cartesian way the sonic fuel to live our daily routine and the power to face the ugly reality once again…And for that I will be eternally grateful!

3 Star Rating

1. New Reality
2. Metal Bound
3. Coming Home
4. Last Breath
5. No One Knows
6. World of Fools
7. This Is
8. Awake
9. Where is God?
10. Dangerous
Jorg Belstler - Bass
Kay Doria - Drums
Michael “Maunze” Kan - Guitars
Thomas Winter - Guitars
Holger Fehrke-Berger - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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