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Aeons – Consequences

by Frank Dashwood at 04 November 2021, 5:30 AM

I’m not going to lie, this was a very intimidating review for me to do. This album is just so solid! I have a very critical ear when it comes to my metal. Like a coffee, or wine aficionado, I have expectations, and standards that I grade bands/albums by. While listening to Consequences, there wasn’t a single part where I expected/hoped for something that would take the hook over the top, that I found myself disappointed. It’s left me literally crippled with almost nothing to point at, and be critical of.

That’s not to say I have nothing to report, just nothing ego-shattering, or brutal to say about the music itself. I still want to tear it apart. There is something about the feel of this album that makes me feel like it’s the product of a producer, and a studio, rather than an organically coalescing grouping of musicians, cranking out some honest, self-created music. It’s certainly possible that “Rubicon” was made by 5 really great musicians, but something about it says to me that there was at the least, someone just like me in the studio saying “that was great, but it would be awesome if we did “this””. Down to the culmination of riffage in the last minute,  whoever (I am willing to concede it was “the band”) orchestrated “Rubicon” was living rent-free between my ears!

“Hades And Persephone” continued a vibe I’d been getting from Rubicon. Influence-wise I’d put it at popular (HATEBREED, 5 FINGER DEATH PUNCH) to sub-popular progressive/djent (SKINLAB, MACHINEHEAD). Much of the riffs, and rhythm changes reminded me of the kind of music you’d get on a guitar virtuoso’s vanity/solo project. While it was present throughout this album, on this song in particular, I was getting a lot of Marty Friedman’s MEGADETH (Holy Wars…The Punishment Due/Youthanasia)/DRAGON’S KISS groove, as well as some JOE SATRIANI.

“Blight” was a broad deviation from the rest of the pack. Not a whit less articulate, but certainly slower. Oddly enough, although I’d admired it in it’s most blistering tears throughout this work, Justin’s drums are just exquisite on this track. I would refer to Thomas Haake (MESHUGGAH) here, because Justin’s style is similar, in that his drums are not purely linear, nor a mere feature/backbone. He’s playing time-keeper, “drummer”, guitar/bass parts, and an alien from Zeta Reticuli all in one.  There were a few spots that felt kind of over-played, or congested (just because you can, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should), in “Bloodstains”, but for the most part, Justin’s playing was inextricably intertwined, and locked in, from top to bottom throughout "Consequences."

As I’d stated at the beginning, this was a tough album to review. My only complaints were really just complaints for the sake of complaint, or being critical. I thought it was well-composed, almost to a fault. If fault could be found with something sounding “too good”, I suppose it could apply to this album. The rhythms were full, and thick, the leads verged on other-worldly, the drums provided a substantial structure, as well as a unique, and additive voice to the music, the singing was clearly understandable, and approachable, and the production was top-notch. Definitely an add for the collection!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Rubicon
2. Hades And Persephone
3. Lighthouse
4. Blight
5. Thought Of A Dying Astronaut
6. Bloodstains
7. Evelyn
Skippy – Vocals
Si – Guitar/Vocals
Scott – Guitar/Vocals
Joe – Bass
Justin – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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