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Aeons of Silence - Transcendence Of Spiritual Lifeforms

Aeons of Silence
Transcendence Of Spiritual Lifeforms
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 22 March 2017, 12:06 AM

While the vast majority of our Metal musicians, composers and songwriters, choose to deal with the material reality, irreligious beliefs, our death and the human condition, there are those that are bound to find their inner obscurity, follow the path towards the upstairs blackness, the incredible wholesome vacuum of space. I can agree that there might something out there, outside our small compartment of life, in the stars that might have a message for us, maybe a revelation regarding our own existence. Out of curiosity, I picked up this new EP by the Costa Rican Melodic Death Metal band, AEONS OF SILENCE. I had in mind to slightly broaden the search for fresh blood. On their own their founded their debut “Transcendence Of Spiritual Lifeforms”, a pictorial of the cosmos, and by self-interpretation, the origin of mankind.

AEONS OF SILENCE’s celestial resolve made them somewhat unique as they displayed their modern approach towards the melodic end of Death Metal. I liked the fusion of the expected harshness, which hinted me of the Finnish frostiness al’a OMNIUM GATHERUM or INSOMNIUM, to the side of an almost PINK FLOYDish spiritual aura, channeling the mysterious insight of the EP’s main theme. Some might argue that it is somewhat dopey, but I beg to differ. In a matter of speaking, the band made slight adjustments to become a little more than your average contemporary Death Metal band playing with melodies. The kind of diversity is always welcome, especially if it is neatly written and executed.

The EP starts with a trilogy called “Ancestral Continuum”, a charming interstellar experience, providing a deep observation into a certain kind of belief which I understood to be about our origin and how there is a connection between genuine beings out there to our presence. After the passing of “The Origin of All Singularities”, entered “Time-Space Alquimia”, unraveling an epic story portrayed by a gruesome approach, conveying energetic riffery yet also enabling an utmost haze followed by clean vocals to kick in. As the story unfolds, it erupts into a massive burst, dreamy, yet heavy, atmosphere. Quite impressive. “Microcosmos” heralds the previous chapter of the saga, a direct continuation, marking the band’s uncanny music. There is a clear attempt to break the boundaries of the genre, twisting a bit in progression, lurking deep in darkness. “Transcendence” and “Ascension to the Source”, other than maintaining the strength of the previous illustrations, proved the measure of a contorted mind that wrote both the music and mystic lyrics. The latter being the heaviest direction of the EP, strongly tracing the modernized edge of the genre in a rather good form.

At times there was that feel of being lost in translation, slightly losing ground with the music, however, it would appear that there is a promise somewhere out in space.

3 Star Rating

1. Ancestral Continuum, Pt.1 - The Origin of All Singularities
2. Ancestral Continuum, Pt.2 - Time-Space Alquimia
3. Ancestral Continuum, Pt.3 - Microcosmos
4. Transcendence
5. Ascension to the Source
José Solano - Vocals
Adrian Chaves - Guitars
Jose Pablo Jiménez - Guitars
Daniel Araya - Bass
Esteban Enriquez - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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